Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey Aunt Trisha... Hey Grandma!?

My mommy said that Gwama fell down and went BOOM and Aunt Twisha has a owie and feews icky.....

I wuv you duz dat make ewe feewl any beduh?

I wish you kuld-a come to my hows becuz we decowating fowa Chwissmus!

I pwayed jingle belws..

do you pway jingle bewls?

Den my mommy tolded me about Santa Cwas.

And dat he has a big bag of pwesents just wike dis one...

sept he doesn't bwing big boys wike me.. he bwings toys!!

My Da Da said dat I am gonna fwy to NY for Chwismus and I feel vewy vewy excwited!

but my mommy keeps twying to stick me in dis stupid hat and I don't wike it!

and you fink you have problwems!

I gettin ticked off at my mommy now.......

Hewe we go wiff da stupid hat again Gwandma........

Aunt Twisha, now you feel more bettew since you see me?

Did you see my twain video wiff my Da-Da?

I wook cute don't I? It was my twains from my Gwampa Hawold!

See I can be wike a Choo Choo too!

Do you fink I wook whike a Choo Choo when I did dat?

Ok, well it's time for my nap now... Mommy says I cwanky.......

I kept telling her it was becuz of dat hat. I don't wike it!

I wuuuuuuuuuuuuv you bofe!!

Feel bettew! Bye bye

Daddy set up the train from Grandpa!

Daddy set up the trains from Grandpa Harold.


(get it.... train whistle... WHOOOT - HOOOOO)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And I forgot to mention

and THIS is for Tristan when he reads someday......




BUG. Poor moth.......that sucker didn't have a chance.

Thankfully "most of him" was on your chin. BLEEEEECK!

Auntie Margie is here for a visit!

Auntie Margie flew in from Chicago to meet Mr. T and I think she likes him!!

I only took pics THIS morning at 5am before she left, I am so bad......... BUT we'll make up for it when we come to Chicago!

Thank you for his 2 sweet books......the birthday box cracks me up - so perfect for kids (and animals!!)..and I'll get a shot of him in his t-shirt soon.

Love you!

WHERE has 10 months gone!?

Can he REALLY be 10 months old already? Everyone said time would fly.......and it has.


Ok, so this is pushing it.......but it's one of my favorite pics of Tristan and Daddy, I think it qualifies for the friends and family wall for sure!

Last week our little stinker started all of his new moves... pulling himself up, crawling down a step, holding his sippy cup (we're still working on getting the stuff OUT...but it's progress), crawling on his knees vs. the army crawl.......

But, yesterday he started to really "bust-a-move" and cruise all over the place.

Today.......he stood himself up and just STOOD THERE.... first it was 5 seconds, then 10... so as I was getting ready, Holt called me out to look and he stood there, just stood there looking at daddy and I for at least 30 seconds. I was so proud of him but I felt the lump in my throat.... the little guy...well, he's getting bigger. I knew it would come but SO FAST? So much progress in a week? Sheesh......

But I'm proud of you Tristan. Still, it's very hard for me so I'm getting my tattoo soon. It will be a DAILY reminder that he is not mine to "keep" but to train and release to the world and I will need God's hand and help with that one.

Anyway....... here are some sweet pics of T and his "woobie" not a blanket mind you, not a teddy bear.... oh yeah..... you GUESSED IT...........a USB CHORD. I know.... ridiculous.

He loves it...first thing he goes and grabs in the morning....

Can you see the love in his eye?

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm with you at last" he sighs!

That was after he kissed it... which he does after he sucks on it for a second. I'm quite sure I can get in to trouble for DSS for this.. Hee, hee, hee

Crazy, crazy baby..................maybe it's just a sign that he'll love Excel spreadsheets just... like... his... mama!

Aunt Tracy makes the Auburn Hall of Fame....

Holy crap... I am proud of my best friend on the planet. I love you Trac!!!

I am sick to my stomach that I couldn't be there.... but so glad most of the Ya-Ya's made it!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

We FINALLY have a computer again!

Hi evweey-one! Do you wike my toy fwom my Aunt Jeanne and my Uncle Johnny?

I'm not exactly sure how it woooks.........

I fink I might wike it.......

Oh yeah........dat's wight.......... I do, I DO!!!

It makes Aswan a wittle nervous dough cuz it moveded all by itsewf!!

Can you come pway wiff me?

Here awe my cawds fwom my Aunt Jeanne & Uncle Johnny and my Aunt ma ma caws hew Pookie.......I wuv dem awl

Dese are da punkin guts my da da took out of my scawy punkin!

Do you fink he wooks wike me? Same teef, wight?!!

Dese awe my bwuvawwwwwws, Aswan an Simba

Dis is mommy's favorite picture of us boys!!!

we sure are handsome! Do you wike it?

My da da is siwwy!!

I fink he wuvs me............

Ma Ma's second favewit picture.......

she says dat we are waaaaaay too cute!!

tickle tickle!!

Can you see my Hawwoween cosume?....... it was vewy vewy good...... wook...........WOOK cwoooooooooooooooser........ can you see wha I am?


Hope you all had a safe holiday, and NO CAVITIES!! We love you!!