Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I hadn't heard a peep from him..and he's due to get up...

I just can't wake him yet....... TOO SWEET!
My 10 lbs baby boy is too cute for words!!

I remembered that I forgot!! SORRY

Oops... so sorry! I forgot to thank Julanne and Jason for bringing us YUMMY dinner on Sunday. It was awesome and we sooooooo need the recipe! Tristan was sleeping so I didn't get a picture of the family BUT I will definitely upload one as soon as I get one!

Also, if I forgot to thank Wendy for our dinner - SORRY! I'm too lazy to go look....

other than that I'm hoping I got everyone. If I didn't and I forgot.. I'm sorry - I blame it on lack of sleep - ha!

Holt and I are off to the lake this weekend... just the 5 of us and I'm pretty excited about getting away and it just being us. I will be working on my paperwork for my vocal auditions at church, Holt and I will be getting some much needed rest, have nothing to clean or HAVE TO DO. We have a few things to talk about, trying to get a plan for Holt's business for 2009, figuring out where we will serve, what we will give our time to and even working on some much needed date nights.

Getting away is so nice and I can't wait.. me and my boys.... THAT is heavenly!!

I'll post lake pics when we return. YAHOOOOOOOOOO

A Valentine and more...

Check it out - I'm awake!! This is rare....... cuz I'm a milk-a-holic I eat and sleep... oh and poop and pee!!

My friend Ann Marie (AKA - Beaner)

sent us this sweet card and a Target gift card - wuhoooo! Diapers here we come!! Thanks Ann Marie!

And lo and behold Mr. Mailman was slow in delivering Auntie T's Valentine to Tristan - so sweet!!

Then my Mama bought Tristan a welcome to the world gift and I wanted this loooong ago and my mom saw a clipping here at my house so she bought it. I have to buy a hanger for it so it can go up on the wall.. but it fits our theme PUUUUUUUUURFECTLY (booooooo, I know!)

Yesterday after Tristan ate, we headed off to the 'Rents so we could meet Mimi and Daddy Howard for dinner... it was very fun! Tristan got some special time with Grandpa before we headed out... he looooooooooves Sam!!

Simba just doesn't quite see what all
the fuss is about.

Aslan is more curious about Tristan but I think that's because he is getting WAAAAAAAY less attention from me and he's trying to figure out who stole the show. I'm trying to balance it more now and once I can run.. I'll get more time with the big love bug and he'll probably be less... well, jealous I guess. he looks a little depressed, wouldn't you say? maybe it's just fat... not sure...

Anyway, off to the Chiro to get my back aligned and have Dr. Mary give me a major rub down. I'm telling this woman heals my soul... I don't know what it is about her but I LOVE her and she honestly heals every aching muscle in my body. Dr. Mary Collings.......... give her a try - she's better than a massage I swear!!!

I have to get home and work on my poor baby's cradle cap (pediatrician says it's not bad at all but I hate it!) and his little baby acne from the cream I have to use. POOR GUY!! He's still cute though!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did the bug say when it snuck up behind the bee?


Oh my poor boobs.... well, I found out today that I do NOT have mastitis but I have a yeast infection in my breasts. yeah...Lovely! These girls have taken a beating in the last 5 weeks and I don't know how much more they can take! Ha!

Just proves that I am absolutely NOT giving up on breastfeeding!! Sheesh. At 5pm today I will be starting my antibiotic so it will be a long 2 weeks but they will hopefully feel better soon. I can't even work out because the friction would kill me. It actually feels like acid is being run up and down my chest.... lovely. Just lovely.

Anyway... the bright side of my doctor's appointment... I lost 28 pounds. WUHOOO. I weighed in at a nasty 188 the day I gave birth... today... 160. So, I weighed 150 when i got pregnant but that was 20 pounds over what I should be... all due to my nasty blood disorder that they can't quite figure out. So anyway, in a nutshell... I've got 30 pounds to go.

I'll start running with Aslan as soon as I won't cry and whimper the entire time. For now... I'll sit and breastfeed... you burn some serious calories doing this. Plus, it's best for the little guy... stay tuned.. there is more to come but I have to run to dinner...

Blog at'cha later!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My mom forgot to check the mail!

My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Johnny sent Tristan a Valentine and I hadn't checked the mail!

She also included a check for Tristan's savings account (spoiling him rotten already!!)...... what a gift! Thank you so much... he's on the way to being a saver and he doesn't even know it!

Aunt Jeanne... he was VERY awake today...these pics are just for YOU!

Thank you for sending him his card (and gift) - we love you!!


Tristan is THRILLED a best buddy has arrived!!

Wuhoooooooo - Collin Glenn Smithwick arrived last night and Tristan is THRILLED!! We camp and hike (and just flat out LOVE) with the Smithwicks and Tristan has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... ok, fine... 4 weeks isn't THAT long... but we are celebrating today!


He's the spitting image of his daddy! SO CUTE!!

More pictures of Tristan...........

Kissin' a birdie and staring at his daddy!

Collin, I can't wait to meet you this summer!! Loooooooooove, Tristan (Your campin', hikin', dirt eatin' buddy!!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Valentines...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

Tristan received his first Valentines yesterday... a card from Ya-Ya Tracy, a card from Grandma Margie and a card from Ya-Ya Karen.... SO SWEET!!

All sorts of fun!

Last night, Durby came to meet Tristan! She brought YUMMY potato soup, YUMMY bread and a YUMMY dessert! We love Durby!!

Then we got presents in the mail and one delivered by EE!

The blue doggy is from David and Peggy Preston from my office.... SOOOOOOOOOOo cute and SOOOOOOOo soft!

and the clothes are from my LONG TIME friends, Tim and Tina from California (now they live in Scottsdale)

oh and they spoiled me too and sent me this awesome bracelet!

These are gifts from the Ya-Ya's...

Ya Ya Nancy gave me these rockin clothes and my daddy LOOOVES orange so he's excited!

Ya-Ya Pookie (AKA Aunt Tracy) gave us a little green so he can stay true to his Irish roots - GG Joan would be proud!

Then, Uncle James and Aunt Sue brought Grace and Davis over to play! Grace wasn't too happy about the trampoline, Davis.. yeah, he could care less - he got to play in water (dive in the stream behind our house actually AND play in all the dog water bowls - He's soaked!!)

Grace LOOOOVES Uncle Holtie

Davis...gotta love those chunky cheeks!

Uncle JJ loooooooooooooves our little guy!

And boy oh boy...after a busy day of friends... a little tummy time workin' out my neck muscles with daddy... (Sorry can't fix the red-eyes in the pic)

Mommy and I are tired!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wizard of Carrollton

Well... last night at 9:30pm the tornado sirens went off. I WILL NEVER get used to this. It scares the crap out of me and I have lived in Cali and dealt with earthquakes, in Charleston and fought off Hurricanes - Upstate NY where there is so much snow you wake up in the morning and your car is "missing" it's so buried in snow.

Gary our next door neighbor just called and said "thank you" and we said "for what?" He said... "for the trampoline... I'll meet you in the back yard!"

This is where it WAS....

We went out in the back yard and our HUGE trampoline LIFTED up and flew OVER our 6' fence and landed upright in our next door neighbors yard............ so his niece can now bounce!

It was funny because he calls and asks us if they can come over and use it sometimes. So I laughed and said "Gary, if you wanted to use it more often, all you had to do was ask!!"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH - I hate tornadoes... but THIS was funny!!

This is where it IS....

Thankfully we don't live in Kansas!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's baaaaaaaaaaack - AWTH!

Who is AWTH? SIMBA............ Accident Waiting To Happen.......

Here are his ears...

...STILL a mess....

Loooooooooong scar, shaved dog and still a patch that's healing... OUCH!

At least Aslan is thrilled!!

This is just the beginning I know...... 4 boys and me........ YOWZA!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tristan's 1st fondue!

Well, it's official... Tristan has taken part in his first fondue AND he can officially say that he has loved on 5 out of 9 of the Lane's!! There are sooooo many family members! Debby invited us over (who can turn down fondue AND the Lane's - no way, no how) and we had a blast. I ate a lot of cheese... can you tell from the chubbiness of my cheeks?

Aunt Debby stole a little snuggle time but she was VERY clear that this did not meet her quota for the week!!

This is Mimi........

This is Daddy Howard...

and Tristan looooooooooves his cousin Alyssa....

Earlier in the day Mr. Kevin and Ms. Shea stopped over to meet Mr. T. They are having a baby in March, Tristan can't wait to meet her!!

That's all for now! About 20 more people to meet........ whew... T has LOTS of people who love him!! WUHOOOOO