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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let me outta here!!!

Tristan was standing in his window yesterday watching Daddy work.......

and he kept pressing his face up against the glass.... it was too cute!

then we let him lean on the screen......

Here is out little guy lookin' like such a big boy.......... the fur kids are behaving as well.

*SIGH* the time is going by so quickly. I'm excited for all the fun stuff we can do and things we can teach him but the days of my snuggly little I'll -just-sit-here-until-you-move-me days are - OVER! Ha!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time to head back to Dallas... ha! Or so we thought...

So we get up and have coffee with Chrissy after Josh and the kids are off to school/work. Tristan is tugging on his ear so I decide it would be good to take him to get checked out. Then, I go online to check-in and our flight has been moved up FORTY FIVE minutes AND we weren't sitting together.......... UH OH... kill me now.

I yell at Holt and we pack and get in the car SO fast. We are out of gas... lovely. But we JUST make it. Off to the Emerga-Care place. Thankfully they got us in quickly and had a great doc. He saw Tristan and as suspected, ear infection. Wonderful. At this point we had exactly ONE HOUR to get to the airport, return the rental car and get on our flight. If we stopped and got T's prescription filled, we would miss our flight. The doc said give him Tylenol and he'll be fine. I felt like a horrid mom but we trusted him and off we went.

We got to the airport with 30 SECONDS (and I am NOT exaggerating) to check-in. I was SPRINTING with Tristan in the stroller and Holt was returning the car. He just made it and BAM... in! $300 saved. WHEW!

We get on the plane and off we go. Ugh oh...captain says BAD weather in Atlanta.

We land and find out it's a 3 hour layover. Now due to weather, it's a FOUR hour layover. 8 month old sick little guy that is cutting 4 teeth. Lovely. So, we wait. We have lunch, Tristan eats and we plop down on the floor to let him crawl around. I watched the news and things looked GRIM so I called my Ya-Ya Lisa to see if she and her hubby were ok. She said as far as she knew.... all was ok. So I told her I loved her and hung up.

The more Holt and I talked and looked out the window...the lightening the thunder... we KNEW we weren't going anywhere. So, I called Lisa and asked if we could spend the night. We turned in our tickets and headed for the MARTA (train system) to go meet Lisa. She called me back and ALL ROADS are flooded. Lovely. We get on the train. We wait. After about 20 minutes, the dude comes on the system and tells us that the tunnels are flooded. We aren't going anywhere. Well, we can go north BUT have to get off and take a bus for the rest of the stops. Lovely. So, we wait. Lisa calls and tells us her area is FLOODED, everything is under water, she can't even drive her car to her house. So, she will get us when she can. The dude comes back on and tells us that FINALLY, the water has receded and we can ride the train up. At this point, Tristan is wailing...and all of the riders are clapping and smiling trying to get him to be happy. It was kind of cute - and surprising for Atlanta.

We FINALLY get to the stop and get off and Lisa isn't far. We jump in her car and off to CVS..maybe 2 miles away. AN HOUR LATER........we get there. Holt goes up and give the pharmacy T's prescription and they tell him 30 minutes. In my nicest tone, I walk up and tell them that i am about to miss my flight and that I desperately NEED them to fill my prescription. Tristan has been traveling for almost 10 hours now... my little white lie won't kill anyone. He fills it. God bless that man! Off we go to Lisa's.

We get there and this is what we found:

This is her golf course.......... with a man kayaking on it......

looks more like a swimming pool......

this is the street....... they PUSHED the car out of the way - it was INSANE!

Sooooooooo, Thad comes home and he and Holt scope out the area. Impassable. So, we drive up on top of the hill and cut through neighbors yards to get to their house. The dogs are shaken up a little but ok... we get in. Home... at last!
Tristan gets a bottle and a bath and then I lay on the bed with him until he falls asleep. I then put him on his makeshift bed on the floor and he sleeps. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Time for a drink. Uh oh........... lights O-U-T! Power..............GONE! ugh
Thankfully Lisa got creative in the kitchen and fed us because I was starving. We hit the hay and then got up VERY early to make it back to the MARTA and then back to Dallas. Yesterday was uneventful. Holt had to work and I had to stay home with Tristan due to his fever. Thankfully it's just teeth and his ears. The Swine Flu is going around my office and I'm a little freaked by it...trying not to over react..but it's scary.
Well, that about sums up our trip. It was great to see Lisa and Thad (sad I didn't take pictures but the camera died right after those above) so that was all she wrote.
A beautiful city, some relatives, two ya-ya's and family and a whole bunch of great friends! We missed a few people but I have a feeling we'll be back to Charleston soon to see YOU too!
Pray for us...... lots to decide! Thank you to everyone who was so generous to my family - it made the trip even that much more fantastic. I miss you all!!! Jul

Lester, Ash and the gang!

This is my friend Ashley...... I call her Ash. We all used to work together at LifeQuest... oh how I miss you friend!

This is Lester.... meeting Mr. T for the first time. yahooooooooo

He wasn't as sleepy as he looked.......

Did I mention she's kicking' cancer's butt!?

This is her daughter Lexi..... adorable.. but she was onto me... anytime the flash went off, she closed her sweet little eyes!

And here Lexi is sharing with Tristan. She even went and got him his own paper and marker!!!


This is Rhett... Lester's hubby... I'm not sure if he's picking his foot or not.. but for the record, he would and he'd throw it at you... HE ROCKS!

And crazy, crazy Wayne... Ash's hubby........ big goofball!

T, kickin' it with the Moores!

It was close to bedtime and close to the start of the game which sadly, 8pm was too late for the little man so we had to leave. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

She was teaching him to stand up like Ya- Ya Lisa did!!

Holt snapped this and I think it's funny.... I said WHAT!? and he took it - ha!

I think she loves my boy - wanna baby sit Lester?

Here's Ash again... she and I had the camera most of the time so we weren't "in" much....
exactly what happens to my sister-in-law... now I get it!

Lester gave me a little goodie box with cute clothes for Tristan. I of course, forgot it... or I'd post the cute things! We looked around their neighborhood...just checked out the area..and gave Holt a feel for "things".
I know... I know... you want to KNOW...but I don't KNOW... so this is it ... for now. :)

Church and more!

On Sunday, we got up and poor Chrissy was sick! Josh got the kids ready and off the 8 of us went! We met my Lester and her hubby Rhett and kids...and Ash and her two kids at Seacoast. it was awesome!

I saw my old Pastor, Greg Surratt and Michael Morris. Both of their jaws dropped as I approached and said who I was. Hey, a lot changes in 7 years - plus I'm brunette and have a baby in my arms... that's a lot!

After church Tristan desperately needed a nap so back to the house and when he woke up we were off to the Norris'!

Tracy and Fred have been my mentors from the day I said yes to my faith. They have been through ups and downs, and have stood by me thick and thin. I have loved their children like they are my own and to see who they have become today... heck, that just shows you who Fred and Tracy ARE. And that........ is fabulous.

This is Tracy......

Keating showed us a video of him singing and it was awesome... then Julia Ann (Ju Bug as I call her) jumped on the piano and played and sang something she wrote. I cried my eyes out.. I mean tears streamed down my face and I could cry again now. They are beautiful and I love them so very much.

Good ole' Freddy boy chattin' with Holt!

Tristan was getting hungry and I completely spaced on what time it was. Mr Fussy was just Mr. Hungry - sorry Norris family!!

He got a little ball from Mrs. Tracy and he looooooved it!

Family photo!

Too sweet!!!

So I jumped in! I think I'm happy........

Mr. T looks hungry doesn't he? Oops!

Off to see Lester and the gang we go...........


Well, we met up with my niece Brooke (I call her Schnookie, she now goes by Amber Brooke - her given name) and her daddy Wayne (my ex husband's brother) I know that may be confusing but read again, you'll catch on!

I haven't seen either of them in years but have been in touch via Facebook and it's been great! I have known Brooke most of her life..... she is even MORE fabulous today than she was the last time I saw her and I am SO proud of the woman she is becoming. There is a chance she'll be on American Idol this January......... I mean, I don't know for sure, I can just say there is a chance...... and IF she is, you don't want to miss it. Trust me!!

As she walked closer I heard "Gooooooooooooooooooolie!!!!" - that's what she and my step-kids used to call me. I don't like saying "step" but it's confusing if I don't... so anyway... she came flying up to me and hugged me so tight and then (as most everyone does) was like - whatever - GIVE ME THAT BABY!! ha! It was awesome... she's a natural and Tristan loved her!!

Here's Wayne jumpin' in the photos too! We were at a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel, it was beautiful and truly one of the best views of the city.

Daddy doing some arm curls with the little man... he loved it!

We had just attempted to get on a carriage ride. We made it about 15 minutes and then Tristan had enough! He was hot, bored and began to roar. So, we jumped off and walked...... A LONG WAY - no stroller... and it was HOT... so pardon how sticky and sweaty I am but here I am with my Schnook!

We only had about an hour with them because we needed to get back and get ready for our date. It was awesome seeing both of them and truly, for ME personally... it was life changing. Brooke looked right at me and said "You were the person I most looked up to when I was little, you were the person I wanted to be like" - it was bitter sweet because she deserved a PERFECT mom (which I know none of us are, certainly NOT me) but so wonderful that I made even a slight difference in her world. God used that moment to cement something for ME.... that my past served a purpose and it was NOT a waste.

Charleston fun

We arrived on Thursday night and after putting Tristan down, we just hung out with Chrissy and Josh and ate and had some red wine and caught up. It was MORE than fun to see my Ya-Ya and just relax and get away from it all.......

Friday morning, we got in the rental car and headed downtown. Holt has never been before so it was time to show off my old stompin' grounds!

We had lunch at A.W. Shucks..... and it began the eating frenzy!!

Fun times with Daddy... and I was present... but I never get in the pics..although I did below... and it ain't pretty!

Not sure what happened to this pic... check out the sub in the back though! My dad will love that one......

Then me and my boy......

So we spent the rest of the day touring Folly Beach, James Island and walking all over downtown. Tried to get a hold of little Rally but couldn't find him so we just raced around....and then headed back to the VanScoys for dinner that night! All 9 of us hit the road and we went to Shem Creek........
We went to a restaurant that all the old shrimp boats pull up to. Needless to say, my hubby was in awe. Tristan ate a bunch of new stuff and appears to be a MUCH better eater than I ever was. He LOOOOOVES some food!
Then, back home to chill... gearin' up for Saturday!

Tristan + sand!

Most of you know this but in case you are new to reading.......we are beach ADDICTS. I LOVE the beach and Holt... he loves anything involved with water. I think he'd actually become a fish if he could. So, we took Tristan and introduced him to the ocean.

I couldn't resist this though........ a drawing of Mr. T... so Mr. T met our Mr. T!!

Then Holtie holds up Tristan and we laugh our butts off when we see this because he looks like a baby doll!!

This is going in a frame..... it doesn't get ANY better than this....... period!

THIS picture is 100% ME... ok, FINE... if there was a LION hauling all of YOU down the beach in the background - THAT would be MY LIFE!!!

Sweet little feet in the sand......

Daddy was dipping the Nugget's feet in the water and he quickly learned how to watch the wave and pull his legs up to avoid the chilly waves...... if I only had the Flip with me!!

Life uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

Now, let's see what he thinks of sand........ he'd never seen it......... and he LOVED to feel it through his hands. He played for a while - it was ADORABLE!

Then my boy buried my boy.........

Well, it was time to go... we still had lots to see and lots to do....
Uh oh........sand is sticky.......... there was sand in places that had never seen the sun. I wiped and cleaned and blew and wiped and cleaned... to no avail...........
So, this is how it ended until I could get to the stroller........

OH TRUST ME............ the stories GET better!!