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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boys and their toys...

On Friday we took our nephews Holden and Lane to see the trains at the mall. This was my first experience, Lane didn't remember going... but Holden and Holt apparently have done this in years past. was very fun and as you can see VERY detailed and amazing. It inspired Holt to start building Tristan's set and gave he and the boys some great ideas. Their new family project will be to build a cool (and MUCH smaller scale) set for us to have here at the house. We were in San Fran, a school, a circus, visiting the White House and of course... we brought it all home to New York, NY.............Yehaaaaaaaaaaaw, way to represent!

This was the beginning and they were already having fun!

I was too lazy to move them around and put them in order so ...sorry.... the first is the circus

I think that was San Fran

Back to the circus we are....

Then onto DC.............

oh and the wild, wild west ....

Not sure where Lane is, must be East Coast... he's prepared to duke it out!

Oh yeah and Holden hit the ski slopes...........

Lane in DC..........
A little Tug-of-War anyone??????
(It actually moved so I loved it)
oh and back at the circus....Holden spied money and he just HAD to have this picture of it!

The boys in the final stages...saving the best for last.... NY, NY!!!

Back to DC...

Santa stops there too - can you see him?

I can't remember who's favorite this was but I remember one of the boys begging me - GET THE HELICOPTER...GET THE HELICOPTER...there you go guys.............. there's your chopper!

Well, once again we tried a sad little video so "enjoy" as much as you can and notice - I have NO brain and can't remember what the White House looks like... I mean SERIOUSLY?... hee, hee, hee

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks Bub

Well, once again Karen has astounded us...

Look what she can do to a piece of ordinary wood... I LOVE IT........... LOVE IT........ and am so thankful for her talents!!

(Karen, I am NOT kidding, get me some more photos and I will share with my friends, girl you are too good to pass up on and your skills are ridiculous!)

Below is our newest little outfit. It's so darn cute, it will be coming to the hospital with us. I had to include the note below too. I mean... come on, how many of you get letters from pooches!? We are loved from all species!!

Karen Rose Saylor...thank you for sending, we love the gifts but we love YOU more and can't wait for you to come and visit the little guy!! We'll be there in July/August and hopefully we can thank the pooches in person!
Love you Bub..............

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grandpa Sam starts Tristan off right

Well, last night my father-in-law decided to give each of the kids a share of his poker winnings for the year.

He called each of the kids to the table...and then said "Well, don't you think Tristan should have to come too?" So they exclaimed "YEEESSS!" so over to the table my belly went.

He gave each of us a shiny bag and inside held $100 to start their first savings account.
So, right after Tristan is born, Holt and I will be opening a savings account for him. We are so thankful and excited to start him early. He will learn to tithe, to save and then to enjoy the rest.
I told Holt I was going to go open an account on Monday and then name it Tristan's account in my Quicken then he laughed and said OR you can wait a couple of weeks, get his SS# and get a REAL account for him. Man, my husband is smart.
Then we both just stared at each other in disbelief and said "WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN A FEW WEEKS...WOW"
Thanks Grandpa Sam............... we're excited!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I forgot to add as a video not a picture... here you go! We are saving for a camcorder I promise!!

Since we won't be HERE Christmas morning...

We decided to celebrate early!! We have spent the last hour setting up Tristan and Holt's new train from Grandpa Harold. Ok, I know... we should have waited.. but seriously, you give a guy a box that says LIONEL TRAINS and ask him to wait... I don't think so.

The dogs are sold yet, they barked for a long time and then got really, REALLY scared. We need to get a battery and we'll send a new video.. it plays 12 Christmas carols too!

I have a little movie... but it says it's corrupt. We'll try to fix and send. It's dark..but it's cute!

An email worth sharing

My friend Christie sent this email.... I loved it so much I just had to post.
Merry Christmas....

When I first read this message I thought of Julie’s Christmas Letter and how she and Holt have chosen not to purchase Christmas Gifts this year and to put more of the true meaning into Christmas. How often do we get so busy that we fail to recognize the one Bible Verse we all have memorized even those that do not believe in Christ? "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (NIV)

Such a simple verse but boy does it hold 4 of God’s Special Gifts to each of us. I hope as each of you and your families celebrate Christmas you can reflect on each of God’s gifts! Each of you are very special to me! Merry Christmas!

Four Special Gifts

Tracie Miles

I love everything about the holiday season, and Christmas morning is no exception. As I watch my family members excitedly unwrap their gifts, I find myself truly understanding the meaning of the phrase, "It is better to give than to receive."

As much as I love giving gifts, I admit that I love receiving them too! I can't help but be excited about a pretty box with a big bow with my name scribbled on the tag. Recently I began thinking about all the gifts that God gives me throughout the year, and then realized that I often forget to thank Him for those gifts.

Our key verse today really wraps up the true meaning of Christmas. In this one little verse we are given four amazing gifts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got as excited about the gifts of God, as we do the gifts under our tree?

The first of these gifts is love. God loves us more than we can imagine - more than we can love our children, our spouses, or our family. He loves us with a measure of love we cannot understand. For some, the holidays are a difficult time.. They may bring feelings of loneliness and being unloved more than any other time of the year. Through this verse, we learn the magnitude of God's love.

The second gift is His son; His only begotten son Jesus Christ. God not only gave Jesus in birth to live as man, but to die as man as well. He gave the gift of Jesus' life as our example, and the gift of payment for our sins through His death. He paid the ultimate penalty so that our slates are wiped clean in heaven.

The third is the gift of faith. We can believe in Him -- for life, for love, and for the power to overcome. Power to overcome even death. This gift requires trust, and helps us get through every day, every circumstance, and every period of trouble. It is a gift that offers a holy hand to hold and a holy shoulder to cry on. A gift that holds the answers of hope and joy.

The fourth and most precious gift is the gift of eternal life. This gift promises a secure future: a life after death, free of pain and suffering. It is a gift we do not deserve, can never repay, and will not fully understand or appreciate until we are face to face with Jesus for eternity.

If you handpicked a special gift for someone and they pushed it aside or discarded it, I imagine your feelings would be hurt, as would mine. I wonder how God feels when He gives mankind these four priceless gifts and so many choose not to accept them?

As we celebrate the holidays, we'll get excited about presents, even though eventually most of those gifts will be forgotten, broken, or discarded. But God's gifts never expire, never spoil, never break, and never perish. The gifts of heavenly love, a Savior, faith and abundant eternal life are given to each one of us. We have the choice to unwrap and enjoy them or push them aside.

God has four special gifts for you this holiday, and on the tag your name is written in red. Will you remember to unwrap these gifts this season?

Dear Lord, Forgive me for taking for granted the amazing gifts that You have blessed me with in life, and for eternity. I praise You for who You are, and for being so willing to pour Your gifts into my life when I humbly reach out to You. Help me remember that You truly are the reason for this season. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Christie Stewart

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Tracy...

Tracy and Fred Norris have been friends of mine for years. Tracy is one of the first people I met at my church in South Carolina and my mentor in so many things. I had courage to sing because of her. I wanted to BE her... so it was easy to try and do what she was doing. She stretched me to not only sing... but act, probably one of the greatest loves of my life. Something I am getting ready to step out and try again here in Dallas. Part of me knows I was born for the stage, if I could only get past the fear. IF YOU ONLY LIVED HERE TRACY!

Anyway, Trac and Fred (and Julia and Keating) sent us these awesome outfits for Tristan and this sweet little bear. I just love it.

He's soft and sweet and fuzzy.... and I love him. And I love you. I keep telling myself that flights will cost less any day now so that we can fly there and you can meet Holt and of course Tristan. Tracy and Fred walked me through some of the darkest days of my life and have walked with me again in some of the greatest.

I love you both for pouring into me spiritually, personally, professionally... all of it. Your family IS my family and I miss you more than you can imagine.

Thank you for sending a piece of South Carolina to Texas........ I love you!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

YEHAAAAAW, it's a company Christmas party!

Well, Saturday night was Balfour Beatty's unusual company Christmas party. We went to Gilly's (usually dresses, band, etc.) ... a local country bar here and I have to say, I didn't think it would be very fun. Fantastic band and FANTASTIC food and drinks. Holt ordered me up the Shirley Temples (with extra cherries) and kept 'em comin'! Man... he loves me.

I was having a grand old time when I heard them exclaim... ARMADILLO races in 45 minutes. "WHAT - did they say ARMADILLOS?" Well, just so you are all well aware, I have only seen one while driving a few times and ever since I drove from Charleston to LA, I have wanted to see one up close and personal.

I literally BEGGED the man to let me touch one. He said "Just bend over the glass wall and pet one" I exclaimed "But Sr., I am OVER 9 months pregnant, I don't bend" (flutter eyelashes, big cheesy grin and as much southern charm that I could muster... more fluttering of the eyelashes) and into the pen I went. See below... I GOT TO PET THEM ALL! YIPPPPPEE

Below is Quesadilla and Van Gogh (he had one ear)... there were two more.. one I can't remember his name and the other H. Ross Burrow (Perot) ha!

They are soft and sweet and cute... no matter what anyone says. I loved them and learned all about their vet shots/records, history, etc... I am full of armadillo knowledge!

My boss Robert was in the race and won of course! It was HILARIOUS!

Then......Suddenly.... I noticed... Holt went missing. Yes...MISSING. Where oh where could he be? Oh yes... I think I over heard SOMEONE say something about POKER.....

Here he is - at the tables! They gave us "monopoly" money and he had the time of his life. He didn't LOVE (or fare so well at) the Texas Hold'em table... I think Kristin and Scott handed him his bootie... so he moved over to craps. I'll tell you what... once his table came alive so did he. At one point I said, "Honey, I'm getting tired, it's 10pm" and my (normally) very understanding, sweet, I'll do ANYTHING for you hubby slapped me on the arm and said "Suck it up woman, how about a Jack and Coke for your hubby?" - then threw the dice. It was awesome. He was having the time of his life and that gave me two more hours of energy, I was SO happy that he was having so much fun. Layman left and gave him his chips, my friend Rebecca and her hubby left and gave me their chips and money so Holt was all set.

Below are the girls from my office. After the tables were closed, we all gathered to see who won the flat screens, wii, etc.... chips cashed in = tickets... then you put them in a bucket and go for it. Holt kept my friend Jason Bentley at the craps table about 2 hours after his wife expected him home...BUT ... thankfully, after Holt and Jason split chips and tickets... JASON WON THE FLAT SCREEN. So as he told me this morning, being 2 hours late really isn't "trouble" when you have a free flat screen in hand! ha! I would have been "over it" very quickly too!

This is Corey, Loni, Durby and me on the bottom... once again, my head is HUGE. Love it... oh and to the right - the guy in the white with plaid checks... that's David... he got me my job here at BBC... so give him a YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAW!

Got home and in bed close to 1am. Tired beyond words but it was VERY fun! Thanks BBC!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, well, there are times in life when you find a great friend... ya know, the one that "gets you"...the one that you can say anything to and they don't misunderstand you. The one that you can sit next to and not say a word and it's not awkward... I have that with my ya-ya's..but I've known them my WHOLE LIFE. They knew from the beginning that they were stuck with me so I think they just dealt with it.

Well, it's a lot harder to make friends as an adult especially ones that "stick". Introducing Deb Steiner. We met a few years back at Bible study and she was adamant to be the most quiet, reserved person on the planet and I think she was convinced she wasn't going to like any of us. Well, that was all the challenge I needed. I told her from the get go... you are gonna loooove me and you are gonna like it! Ha! It took me a while but she loved me. Ha... told you Steiner.

Anyway, in all seriousness, she has been the friend that I can call anytime I feel like it, and cry or complain ridiculously and she just listens. Then, she shoots me straight. She'll say:

You are right because....
You are wrong because...
That's ridiculous - PERIOD
Have you been drinking?
That's ok BUT...
How can I help?
or... she'll just listen.

No matter what I have griped about, especially if it's about Holt... she has loved US BOTH in the process, never judging him but always offering some clarity and ALWAYS encouraging me to love him (or YOU if I was calling her about YOU- ha!) but to deal with my feelings and then to find a resolution. She offers balance and a strange calming effect so I don't feel insane and I feel like what's ahead of me is manageable.

She's just THAT friend. When I said I wasn't having kids... she never barked at me, never questioned me... never said "YES YOU WILL!"... and then when I got pregnant, there was no "I told you so" it was simply.... "wow, are you ok?" THAT meant more to me than anything. She's that person. She's also very reserved and not one to be pushed... she talks in HER time, she shares in HER time and in HER way and I respect that about her. Always have and always will.
Can you tell I love her? You should see her little guy Seth... LOVE HIM. Maggie is her fabulous dog and I can't talk about her kitty... I loved her kitty.
So, that's Deb in a nutshell. Why am I blogging this? Well.... Deb being Deb.... goes and does THIS:
Last night Auntie Deb sent Tristan a little gift.... I have been contemplating a lot about Tristan and where he will sleep. Obviously I'd like to have him in the room BUT we want to have him safe and also we want him at some point to be a regular crib sleeper so that we can have our own life. We were talking about whether or not to bring our pack and play in our (cramped) room ...blah, blah...blah! So, Deb and I, long ago, talked about the moses baskets and how she loved it and it worked so well with Seth. Then we said it's better than a bassinet because you don't actually MOVE the baby... you move the basket and he just comes along! PLUS, it fits IN our pack and play so I can keep him away from the dogs until our big boys learn manners with our little guy. Anyway, Deb and I discussed and then that was that.
Until last night... look what arrived in the mail....

So.... I love my ridiculously generous friend for a thousand reasons... always have... always will... then she goes and handles my last pregnancy worry... thanks Steiner. I love you., if you could only PROMISE that my water won't break in my bosses office.. you would be STELLAR!! And it's HER birthday in 8 days... SHEESH. xoxo

Ice, ice baby.... breastfeeding and more!

Well, Holtie had a little wart on his finger and had to have it FROZEN off on Tuesday. Poor guy! He was in a ton of pain and totally not prepared for the mean dermatologist! It just happened to be the day of our breastfeeding class... so he was on Tylenol with codeine and God bless him... he made it through 50% of our class! Thankfully, Kimmie went with us and took notes, and was a great listener... so if and when I get "stuck" she can help. The ironic thing was... Kimmie had her FOOT frozen for a wart she had on there the day before. What are the chances of that?

Let me tell you this... breastfeeding appears to be VERY HARD. I mean, I just thought, you just kinda go for it and it's natural... yeah, what's natural is frustration, poor latching, soreness, cranky baby and a very frustrated mama. Oh well... I feel prepared and ready for what is to come and whether or not it goes perfectly, it doesn't matter. I will be "whining"to those who have gone down this road before and NOT talking about it with those that will just say "Oh,... give up and go for the bottle" I WANT THIS TO WORK and I am determined. And trust me, when I set my mind to something... it's utterly impossible that I fail. Pun intended... man, I love using that word! ha!

Ok, off I go... oh and I love my family...........warts and all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...And we've got lights!

One of the CEO's from our other division sent me another Christmas tree for my desk and I love it! Bob Hambright is awesome and spoiled me again this year. The only problem is ... it has lights but I couldn't get the cord down my desk to plug it in. So... sadly, Wendy and I would sit and stare and WISH for the lights to work.

Lo and behold... Bill arrived... he's like a mini Santa!

Voila! LIGHTS! Wendy is happy!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Kimmie rocks!

I'm Thelma...she's Louise.... and I love her! My sister in law brought me this awesome surprise today - a SINGING TIGGER! He's all full of Christmas cheer!! I thought I would include her sweet note....hopefully you can see it - I took it with my phone so hopefully you can see!

I wish you could hear him play...he's FABULOUS and makes me very, VERY HAPPY!
Thanks Kimmie!!

As Mark would say...You so biiiiiiiiiiig!

Well, here I am in all my glory. Margie, Kel...hopefully this will make you happy. I know it will make my mom smile. For the rest of you, I apologize in advance!

My boss Mark saw Madagascar 2 and said that the dude hippo looooves the chick hippo and that's his line..."Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, you so biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig"

Of course, it was funny and then the next day as I'm driving through McDonalds picking up my Happy Meal - Cheeseburger with no onions and extra pickle.... I open it up and to no surprise at all... I GET THE HIPPO. Hilarious. And the funny thing is she says : "I know that's right!" in only a way that a VERY LARGE hippo can say.

I'M GINORMOUS.................... but 5 weeks away (hopefully) xoxo - Jul

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WHERE'S MY BRAIN (my official Parker apology)

Well, pregnancy brain has hit once again! I wrote my Christmas letter last week... my mom and Holt proofed, I printed, signed, sealed, stamped and off they go.....

BUT... there was a snafu......... I wrote about our trip to the BVI with my Ya-Ya's and 2 new friends... and I forgot Debbie and Steve! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Here's proof (like you need it):

I even put this horrid picture of myself on my blog to PROVE that Deb and Steve were present AND that I feel bad. Bad, bad YA-YA!

Oh Steve... I know this will cost me at some point. A spanking I'm sure - dang it!
SORRY GUYS.... let's go again next year, I'll write lots of nice stuff in my blog then!!!
LOVE YOU!! The mindless space cadet Orca Barber