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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey Aunt Trisha... Hey Grandma!?

My mommy said that Gwama fell down and went BOOM and Aunt Twisha has a owie and feews icky.....

I wuv you duz dat make ewe feewl any beduh?

I wish you kuld-a come to my hows becuz we decowating fowa Chwissmus!

I pwayed jingle belws..

do you pway jingle bewls?

Den my mommy tolded me about Santa Cwas.

And dat he has a big bag of pwesents just wike dis one...

sept he doesn't bwing big boys wike me.. he bwings toys!!

My Da Da said dat I am gonna fwy to NY for Chwismus and I feel vewy vewy excwited!

but my mommy keeps twying to stick me in dis stupid hat and I don't wike it!

and you fink you have problwems!

I gettin ticked off at my mommy now.......

Hewe we go wiff da stupid hat again Gwandma........

Aunt Twisha, now you feel more bettew since you see me?

Did you see my twain video wiff my Da-Da?

I wook cute don't I? It was my twains from my Gwampa Hawold!

See I can be wike a Choo Choo too!

Do you fink I wook whike a Choo Choo when I did dat?

Ok, well it's time for my nap now... Mommy says I cwanky.......

I kept telling her it was becuz of dat hat. I don't wike it!

I wuuuuuuuuuuuuv you bofe!!

Feel bettew! Bye bye

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