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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Barber workout

I don't know how well this is going to come out but it was very funny so I'm posting anyway. Daddy getting a Mr. T workout in............

I'm awake, I may as well post some pics!

Well, yesterday was just an "at home" day for us with a long list of chores. I think we got a couple done and a couple more started....

This was Holt's main project. Our landscaping or lack thereof... was driving us nuts. It was just a few little bushes against the front of our house so Holt decided to smother the grass and add our compost bin stuff, newspaper, cardboard (we are VERY green - hee, hee) and then add some mulch. We will be adding a tree and a bench to sit on and at some point a tire swing for Tristan... that is if we still live here. So, the bench and tree for sure. Have to up our curb appeal!

I thought I would be able to help but it's hard because everything I tried to do was in front of me and for obvious reasons.....

Holt took a break to get some Nugget time....

So cute.........

He was trying to look at Tristan and make the same face as him. Very funny Daddy!

Holtie loves his boy........


He was just hangin'

We did a baby workout after this... I'll try and post. It was funny!

Tristan is now starting to kiss with his mouth open.... so Holt was bringin' him in for a smooch (not to eat him as it may appear)


Finished front yard... well... now we need the bench and tree... so Phase I complete! Nice work Holtie!

I at least started sanding the table and I have to finish and then paint. I need another Sunday or holiday Monday!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're sick but we'll still try to have fun!

We started out the day enjoying the warm weather in the backyard....

Me n T kickin' it....
Could he be cuter??

And Simba...just hangin with us

Mr. Cheeks is HAPPY!!

This is Aunt Sue..... she loooooooooooooooves Tristan!

Here is Tristan's FIRST dip in the pool...well, hot tub - the pool was too cold. He's still a little small for Grandma's present but we tried!

He loves to be in water!!!


Then...he passed out... he didn't want to nap no matter how hard he tried. Finally his exhaustion showed. This is the first time he fell asleep on me like this. I didn't want to move. AWWWWW

My Nugget!!

Pooped.... (not literally, that was a little later - hee, hee, hee)

Hereeeeeeeeeeeee's Aslan!

Davis swimmin' in the hot tub!

And Grace enjoying herself! Not too long after this she went in without her life jacket and was actually drowning... Aunt Julie to the rescue - I jumped in and ripped her out. Pretty scary stuff. POOR GRACE!!!

All in all, we were both still sick but on the mend so hangin' with the Jones' was pretty dang fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dr. C & T

Well, I went to counseling today... and I gotta tell you... I love Dr. Chandler. He is just a guy's guy...and his name is Guy! LOL

Anyway, so I could just relax and talk... he held my sick little boy and rocked him and hugged on him, it was just too cute!
Now, I'm off to process and then have a good old cry while Tristan (hopefully) sleeps. He hasn't slept at all today and that isn't good because he looooves to nap. I haven't napped either. So work tomorrow is gonna be ugly.
I'm gonna pray, cry and get stuff ready to Tristan's bath and hopefully dinner. He hasn't eaten much today either (I assume it hurts him) and every time he coughs it breaks my heart because he cries afterwards because it hurts to cough. Ugh. A mother's heart I know....
Thank you Lord for Dr. C.............. he makes me smile on the inside. And he tells me I'm not crazy. I've got him fooled - ha! I don't know how people live without counseling!!!
I have a date with my tissue box...gotta run :)

Breastfeeding is HARD!

They make it look so easy in movies! Quitting is almost as difficult. To top off today... I have blocked ducts... here is what they look like when you apply heat...



Well, I'm begging my doc for a prescription but no luck yet. I might have the beginnings of strep or a sinus infection.

I took Tristan to Dr. Katz today and he has the beginnings of an ear infection. I am SO thankful that I followed my gut and took him in today. I asked him how to know ... he said "yesterday would have been too soon, tomorrow you would have been in for sure because he would have had a fever and been miserable... nice instincts mom" - that made me feel good. I know my boy and I know when something isn't right!

Tristan is now on antibiotics.. hopefully I will be too. Dr. K said that Tristan should start feeling better on Saturday...and who knows about me. Mr. T and I may be having a quiet weekend at home while everyone else whoops it up at the lake. We'll see.

I hate being sick but I hate it more when he is sick.... stinky poo - bleeeeeeeeck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easement issues

So, the city needed to get in some man hole in our yard.. they thought it was inside our gate. It was actually UNDER our backyard is a bit destroyed but that area didn't grow grass so maybeif we are lucky, we get some sod and some new flowers.

This is the machine that ate my backyard.
Can you see it?

And they thought this silly orange fence could contain my Ridgebacks. They'd be lunch if the boys were still here. Bah, ha, ha..... tomorrow Aslan returns. BEWARE!!

Trying not to worry

So, Tristan has been coughing... a lot. Sneezing... a lot... and his nose has had lots and lots of boogies. So, I'm watching him like a hawk and nightly I ask myself.. "should I go to see Dr. Katz?" I haven't been worried..but today..well, he just won't eat.

He woke at 5am, ate 6oz, then went to see Ms. Bertie at 7am. He wouldn't eat until 4:30pm. This has become a habit... and then when he gets home, between 56 & 8pm he gulps down cereal, fruit and 3 bottles, it's insane.

Tonight you saw the pics...cereal went down well but he fought me on the bottle. He took 2 ounces then pitched a fit. So, into the tub he went, into jammies, we played a little and then I gave him the other 3 & 1/2. Then, to bed he went. At 8pm I woke him up and gave him another bottle 75% milk, 25% formula....(making sure he gets enough nutrients) and he drank 3 out of 6 oz. Not only do I wonder if he's ok...I"m wondering if I have to toss what he didn't eat. I hope not... that milk is liquid gold and that formula ain't cheap!

Plus, on top of it all, I think I'm getting sick. My throat is killing me. Gargle, gargle, gargle like my mom and dad always told me. So I did... still KILLS. But good news, I went to my annual doc appt today and got a 100% perfect check-up. WHEW! If I'm lucky, I'm not getting strep. If T's lucky... he's not sick because let me tell ya, he's not looking/sounding so good. Ugh.

Work has been very stressful and I have not handled it as well as I could. I am TRYING but some days my hormones get the best of me. When will this all end? Ugh..being female bites sometimes.

So, here I sit, having a glass of wine and about to go to bed and read. I want today to end and I want tomorrow to come. Please God, let me have tomorrow because ending on today would SUCK!

For those that read, please pray for Tristan... I know at some point he'll get a cold and I'll have to deal with it. Just hoping it's not today. The dogs are at my in-laws and for some reason I don't feel safe. So, tomorrow Aslan comes back home. We have demo in our backyard... oh yeah... I'll post those pictures next. Crazy stuff!!!

I'm out......... too tired to blog.

Mmmmm bananas... GO GIANTS!

And sweet potatoes!!!

I swear, he smiles all the time but when he sees the camera... he just locks up - LOL!!
My Bubba loves food!
GO GIANTS... I better get a Cowboy bib to even the playing field. WUHOOOOOOOOOO

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daddy time


Video as promised

When Daddy is gone... things are a tad more difficult

Let me start off by saying Holt is in Puerto Rico currently wining and dining with James... the work begins tomorrow so I'll feel sorry for him Wednesday, but for today... well.. today I just wish he were working HERE. Everything is harder when he is gone.

So today was a big day for me. I decided to return 4 outdoor chair cushions and an umbrella to Home Depot (we couldn't afford them so we are taking them back - OUCH-maybe NEXT Mother's Day) and I also returned the new baby monitors we bought because our tv monitor is on the fritz, we have to send back for a replacement and the monitor eats up all of our batteries so we were trying to get one with rechargeables.

Anyway.... the returns went well. Tristan is the easiest kid on the planet. He was a big hit at Home Depot too, lots of ooooo's and aaaaah's at him. Then off to Babies-R-Us and we returned, bought formula and cereal and back home we went.

It was fun, but man, it's a workout. I don't know how my friend Jenn did it with twins. Her husband and boys came over today to borrow my hiking gear and all I could think of was... HOW do you do it with two? Sheesh.

Anyway... I then decided it would be a good idea to walk the dogs. I didn't have anyone to take a picture... so I took one of us in the mirror. It's bad but you can at least get the point.

Then of course.. I had the two beasts in front of me. Seriously, it was like a walking circus. I did it.. TWICE... and no one died. This was HUGE. Only bad thing was, I forgot sunscreen on my little man's arms so I was panicked.
Now... imagine how "interesting" it was picking up dog poop at this point. Yeah...not fun but I did the sideways move where EVERY inch of me BUT my hand went one way towards the dogs and then the hand grabbed the poop and then into a SECOND bag it went to keep it away from my sweet boy. Not pretty and not fun. My neighbors kept saying "WOW... do you want to walk MY dog too" - I laughed but silently I was letting Aslan eat them from the ankle up.
Tomorrow the pooches are off to my in-laws because our backyard is being ripped up by the city. Apparently, we have some man hole or something back there that they need access to and our fence goes past it. Oh well.. at least they will "till" the land a bit. They are putting it back with new grass and all so maybe it will be an improvement, that area is pathetic.
So, as of tomorrow, it will be Tristan and I solo until Thursday when Daddy returns.
May work not be too nuts, may my child like his new formula and may the pooches NOT drive my in-laws insane. God help us all. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holy bananas, just bouncin' around and man, I have some big shoes to fill!

Well... in came the spoon... filled with rice and bananas.... I don't think he's sure about this....

Hmmmm, well, it's got a weird texture for sure... but....

This ain't half bad! Tonight after work I tried again and Tristan kept opening his mouth wanting more, I was shocked!!
I'll have Holt do a video this weekend so you can all see. He's definitely a fan of the 'nana!
Believe it or not... this is fever day. This little guy does whatever he can to be happy! Good for you Bubba!!

Talkin'....can you hear him?

On the verge of crying but NOT giving in!!


Such a sweet boy!!!

This morning... I got out of the shower and I walked out of the bathroom and Mr. Cheeks.. just sitting there... waiting. Holt was hiding in the closet. It was hilarious!
We put some shoes on him to be funny!

Daddy's little man! Soon enough he'll be tromping around the house in them!!

That's all for now!!