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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Holtie bought me a pumpkin... I gutted.. he carved.. WHAT A PAIR WE MAKE!!

Next year...we'll carve a family of crazy pumpkins!!


Signs, signs everywhere a sign....

Awww, look at what Val and Brandon gave us for T's room! It's official, all the walls are covered and all of the major essentials have been purchased. We are ready!

Thanks Val and Brandon... we LOVE our gift! There will be nothing better than to hear our son say, I LOVE THE LORD!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diaper money is here!

Oh the excitement never ends... yipppeee!!

We received a gift card from our friend Christine Allee (A.K.A - Alley-Cat) and we will absolutely be putting that towards diapers. YAHOOOO! She also sent us this fabulous car seat cover when we check T's car seat at the airport.

We also received a gift card from a friend at work... Elizabeth Murray. Elizabeth wasn't able to come to the shower but gave us our card today AND she wrote out her favorite scripture for Tristan, it was great!!

What a blessing this has all been. I don't know how people can have a baby on their own. As they say, it takes a village!! We love our friends and family! THANK YOU!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok, so this is crazy... our friends Brad and Nat have 2 boys and have graciously offered us all of their stuff to borrow. This I knew months ago.. and literally cried at the thought because for so many like us, funds are VERY tight.

So they offered the infant car seat, high chair, toys and bins of clothes. We are SO grateful!!

Well, it gets better.... Nat called me a few weeks ago about the car seat. Apparently the handle was sticking ... they used it for both of thier boys so they just got used to it. Brad, of course, wanted it to be perfect for us so he took it to the dealer to see if the "stuck" could be "un-stuck". To his shock... they told him that should NEVER have happened and they were immediately going to give him a BRAND NEW INFANT CAR SEAT... ...AND BASE!! WOW!!!! So they were thrilled and went right home and called us. God has blessed us...through Brad and Nat and given us a brand new infant car seat and two bases. This has saved us hundreds of dollars...I'm still in shock. They are also letting us borrow their Peg Perego High Chair and I was able to get a new seat for $45 and it's ORANGE - that too has saved us hundreds!! THANK YOU Nat, Brad and of course.. God!!!

Then our next blessing came from my sister-in-law, Kimmie. She has an infant stroller to just toss that into and we are thrilled! We had a gift certificate from Bob and Franci and were then able to spend that on this stroller below for when Tristan is a little older...notice it's ORANGE (God bless Tristan if he doesn't like orange because his daddy loves it!!) and it's EXTRA tall for EXTRA tall Holtie!

Then, I thought everyone would like to see a few updates of the room. The rocker isn't here yet... and it's really hard to get great pics..but when we get a camcorder, I'll make a video instead so you can see his whole room. YIPPEEEE

and last but not least...all the new clothes that need to be washed - yahooooooooooo! I better get used to it, I know!!

I'm tired..............whew! Love you all!!

P is for Pampers... and Ya Ya goodies come too!

This is from my Ya-Ya Lisa and her hubby Thad. Look at the cute hooded's a cow! LOVE IT! And of course, what baby room is complete without Dr. Seuss? There attached note for T's baby book is right in theme and we love it!! Thank you Lisa & Thad!!

We also came home last night to a HUGE box of Pampers - 216!!! WOW.... Our next door neighbors Teri and Nancy sent them over for the little guy. HUGE blessing. I'm hoping to have them stacked in his room so we will be full prepared for the little guy - YIPPPEEEE

Thank you everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh so soft....

I wish you could feel that green blanket... I'm not kidding, I'm having a hard time giving this stuff to Tristan! I LOVE IT! My friend Christie from work brought Tristan this fabulous goodie bag yesterday. There was a little security blanket (the orange, yellow, blue and green), the large green blankie (soooo soft!), a baby Bible that has a CD and it sings scriptures, an elephant teether, a monkey ceramic plaque, and a pair of jean shorts and shirt, and the CUTEST winter jammies for next year! I LOVE THEM because I LOVE snowmen!! Man, this baby thing is more and more fun each and every day! THANK YOU!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

And Joelle goes wild

Well, came home today to another package of goodies! Look at all of Tristan's onesie's and of course... can't miss the Buffalo Bill bib.... oh to go back to the days at Buff State (I was wondering why you made a trip back to Buff State Jo!)... check out the Bengal T-shirt! WUHOOOOOO - he's going to have to be a sports fan for sure..just like Grandma!

For those that don't know, Joelle is my friend/one time roommate after college). She went a little overboard on gifts (of course) also sent us this cute little frame (it's a prayer for Tristan for God to keep him safe). And this sweet little teddy bear and she couldn't stop there.. oh no... she also sent us a Target gift card.

She must be broke! Ha! Such fun getting all of these cute things!! I still can't believe that in 80 days or so - a person will be IN THOSE. AAAAAAH

I just love my friends!! Thanks Joelle (a.k.a. Jo Skim-Skim)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

84 days and couting...where oh where are my ya-yas!?

After a brutal beating for the Dallas Cowboy's I decided I should get over my bad mood ... and quick. So, I ran to get my hair cut and return a few last minute items. In the process of that, I could feel my son (still odd to say) kicking and had a little grin on my face. I have a human being growing in my body. It's weird to say the least... and no matter how hard Holt tries to "feel pregnant" - he's not. These are the days I miss being surrounded by my friends most. Thankfully Kristin tells me funny stories and scary "about to happen" things or I think I would go insane. I find it very annoying to talk to the people that just skipped through their pregnancy, they had all the cutest maternity clothes, or just wore a size up from Guess or Gap, they were never tired and just waddled their way through those 1o long months. Oh and the ones that can say, yes, my boobs grew... a little. Ba humbug!

These are days I wish I could curl up into a ball a living room with my Ya-Ya's. They are the ones who have seen me at my worst, they don't take me the wrong way, they will pop my pimples and make me where lip gloss when appropriate. They won't tell me that I have to FEEL ok, they won't lie to me when THEY aren't ok... they've just done every ounce of life with me...and I miss them. Don't get me wrong, I have great friends here, I have great friends in LA, Charleston, Chicago, DC, NY, but it's my Ya Ya's that some days I just miss most. Ya know, the kind of people that tell you your butt DOES look fat, that at some point I WILL be able to wear my jeans again and they will hand me a glass of wine or just sit and say nothing with me. If you don't have friends that you can literally sit in a room and not talk...just BE with... you are missing out on a crucial thing in life.

So basically, I'm rambling, but it's my blog. I can. I am in a time in my life where I go from married and care-free ... to MOM and full of worries. But, these past few months have been good because Holt and I talk a lot about how we will raise Tristan. What we will and won't do. Some of those things may change... some will be added, some subtracted, some completely ignored. WE have changed and I thank little T for a lot of that... even though he's not here yet, he has forced his mommy and daddy to be more responsible.

I'm thankful that I'm in the home stretch and the journey will then begin. I'm thankful that I have a group of friends that EVERY YEAR...NO MATTER WHAT... we go and we're together and I'm just Julie. Not an employee, not Holt's wife, or a daughter or a mom... just good 'old pain-in-the-butt Julie. I also have a great husband who loves me and allows me to be me. He's my best friend in the world and I'm quite sure that if he were female, somehow my Ya-Ya's would let him in our group. We don't let anyone's not a clique thing either... it's a HISTORY thing but yes, he's THAT cool.

So, all in all... in my "this makes no sense blog" it's just me... missing my friends, missing my family in NY but still VERY thankful for my life. I'm thankful that in 37 years I have turned out WAAAAY less than perfect, more flawed in my own eyes actually, but I can honestly say, I've never been more comfortable in my own skin. And these days........ there's a lot of it. Ha!!

Wish you were all here Ya-Ya's.... thanks for being part of the long nine months of pregnancy...some of you had to put up with me twice in one year. Poor souls. I love you!!

Holtie..........come home.... the boys and I miss you oodles. OH...and HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY tomorrow.........we'll make it up to you when you come home. Love, Doodle

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One shot, two shot, three shot - FOUR!

Well, on Tuesday I had to go have MORE blood drawn to see if I had gestational diabetes. Sheesh, if I had only known. I arrived and they asked me to sit in the little seat and proceeded to bust out some needles. I said, "Um, NO, I need to drink some nasty thing and THEN you can take a TINY BIT of blood" well, he had other plans. "Nope, sorry, we take before AND after". Whatever. He drew blood, I drank this nasty orange stuff and he made me chug it by the way (Reminded me of college) and then I had to wait an hour. The moments ticked by because I KNEW my left arm was next. Damn! So after an hour, I went back over and after he poked me THREE times... I was done. He said a prayer for Tristan while I was sitting there and quite frankly it's the only reason he didn't get my shoe up his butt.

So today, I had my monthly check-up with my fabulous Dr. Jaffee... I love her. I gained 3 pounds which she said was great and am right where I should be. YIPPPEE! She then told me I don't have diabetes... YIPPEEE #2. But, happened. I told her nurse (Cheryl who normally I love) that I wanted to wait and have my flu shot later. She smirked and told me to roll up my sleeve. DAMN! Fine............ I did it and told her how mean I used to be and I hoped that "didn't happen to her this time". You just never know when you will revert back to your old ways. :)

But then, out of the corner of my eye... I saw it... needle #4!! I said "Oh no, no! I know the flu shot is only ONE shot". I think she gets a chuckle out of me because THEN she said... "this one is for your butt, pick a cheek" - DAMN! It's that horrid RH negative whatever-the-crap-it's- called shot. So, that was poke #4. Of's the ONE Dr. appt Holt isn't able to come to so of course, I have no one to gripe at! Ha!

I called my mom and told her what a big girl I am! YIPPPEEE. No one got cussed at or punched. I'm so mature.

Tristan is also believed to be "head down" with his back on my left side... just happy as a clam kicking away. Silly little man, he has his bootie in a perfect spot for a spanking, so God bless him should he get out of line or kick me too hard. Smaaaaaaaaaaack! Yeah ...right. I also have a low iron count so I have to take iron pills...thankfully they have a stool softener...I've decided I don't like that word... it's a poop perpetrator instead. I feel like only my gram can say bowel movement or one else! So anyway, it will keep the "blueberry" away....some know what that means, some don't. That's all I'm sayin'! Ha!

Ok, that's all for now. Mister T (as Liz likes to call him) and I are doing VERY well... other than heartburn, I've got no complaints. I'll add a few pics this weekend once I get the room all set up and cleaned. I have so much laundry to do... but I love it! Getting me prepared for later.

Oh and Mom...this one's for you....

Right-on-track Orca Barber over and out!

Go Bengals, Go Bills, Go SU!

Well, my son won't know which way to cheer! Check out T's gifts from his Aunt Tracy! Pookie (as I call her) has been my very best friend on the planet since I was 5... and my son will love her as much (if not more) than I do!!

The Bengal is for THE BUFF STATE BENGALS BABY! (where we went to college), Bills... well, who doesn't know who the Buffalo Bills are? And of mom and Tracy's favorite... SU - or Syracuse for those of you not from Upstate!! These gifts are SO fitting from Tracy and we love them!

She also included this poem that apparently my mom gave us and I don't remember... GREAT POEM by the way!

And then... is Tracy note for T's baby book. I LOVE IT and you did an awesome job!

Man, didn't know having a baby would be this fun! Thanks POOKIE!! We love you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For those of you that missed....

Here are the fabulous pics my Aunt Lynne sent for all to see. They are too good NOT to share... ha!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..... THESE PICS MAKE ME FEEL GREAT ABOUT MYSELF NOW - even preggers - ha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh but wait! There's more

Are you sick of me yet? I had a few more gifts at work today... and one that I have NO clue how it was left out of my pics!!

This is a gift that my friend from work, Loni gave to Tristan... I WANT A HORSEY and I WANT ONE NOW!! It's a "ridable horse" for Tristan and I LOVE IT!!

THEN, I got a bunch of goodies from people in my office that they all chipped in and bought us... such fun!

Then, I don't know how I missed this.. but Deb (Steiner as I call her)...the one who ALSO threw me the shower... decided to get me this FABULOUS diaper bag filled with goodies...including a POOL! WUHOOOOOOOOOOOO

Don't hate me cuz my diaper bag ROCKS!

Summer party at my house!!! Ok, that's it...have to go to a work function! Ciao!

In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle....

The Lion sleeps tonight.....

One of my best friends in the world painted this for Tristan. Her talent is beyond measure and I am thankful for every second that you have been in my life and man oh man... there have been a lot of seconds!!

The picture doesn't do it justice... you will all just have to come and check it out for yourself!!!

Karen Rose Saylor, I love you...

(I had to include the back too, because Kar is hilarious!)

Oops...some didn't make it!

Mark Crouser (from my office) spoiled us rotten and bought us the potty seat and a TON of toys! YIPPPEE!

Bev, also from my office... bought us the changing table pad and another awesome cover!

Then Audra and Lisa B sent us this Wee Block... I almost peed in my pants when I saw this... I LOVE IT and am so giving this as a gift from here on out!!

This is our fancy spread that Margie baked and baked and baked.. .and Ruth Ann chopped and arranged... and of course Kimmie and Ruth Ann FABULOUSLY decorated.
Kimmie used all of her wooden block toys and toy trains and a million little stuffed animals. It was ADORABLE!!
Oh and here's Seth... just kickin' it!

And then feeling veeeery sleeeeepy!!

More decorations by Kimmie! She even filled little baby food jars with tiny flowers and water and marbles! I don't know why she doesn't do this on the side. She has one heck of a talent!

We had to go pick up the balloons too and had so many in the car that Deb almost had to ride on top... and we almost lost Seth in the madness - ha!

My Aunt Jeanne sent me this Christmas decoration... I LOVE SNOWMEN... so of course.. this "Mommy to be" was PERFECT!

Here's me with a onesie from Jenny and Debbie... had to show this one off!!

And finally, a few more gifts from my mom. My parents can't seem to contain themselves... they keep buying us gifts!
Ok, sorry to post again... but I can't leave any out... I just can't! Now hopefully I remembered who gave me what... sorry if I boo - boo'd! I'm pooped now..... gotta go!

Shower pictures are here!

Steiner stealing smooches from As ... cuz I had to flirt with Seth!

My Queen B seat!

Hadley in all of her adorableness!

Look at all my fun balloons!!

Love this 2-in-1 from my step sister Alleyne!

Margie of course had to spoil me and get me a gift certificate. They say when you are pregnant you should NEVER neglect you nails!!

Gifts for Simba and Aslan... Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Lon bought presents for everyone!!

These are my gifts from Durby!

Party favors from Kimmie... they were awesome!!

Margie just couldn't stop... MORE GIFTS when we got back home. She had to surprise us!!

This baby book is from Kathy, Laura, Debby, Alyssa, Katelyn and Mimi!

Gifts from Connie~ who I might add will be the first "non family member" to babysit my child! I promised!!

These gifts came all the way from the north from my Aunt Lynne and Uncle Doug...I will post some hilarious photos they sent tonight... I forgot them today.

Awww, and all the cute Carters stuff from Lisa B and Audra - thanks guys!!!!

Jenny and Debbie (two of my Ya-Ya's) sent this sweet little package of goodies! I love it!

Here's all the great stuff that Tracey, Suzanne and Hilda gave us - WOW! We scored!!

This is from Ms. Wendy from work... I am totally stealing the lion... I LOVE HIM!
...and check out those dang shoes - CUTE!!!!

Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Lon gave us that awesome clay stuff to keep T's prints!

Deb showing off the sign my Auntie T bought for over the crib!

And Simba sniffs out the gifts from Corey! I think he smells a CAT - MEOW!

Debbie sent over the cutest blanket - I may start sleeping with this too!
Then Katelyn gave us... drum roll please... a BAYLOR shirt for the by! Syc'Em Bears!

Note from my niece Hadley....

and gifts from Hadley to her

These are from Holden....

My sweet Holtie and My in-laws bought a webcam for us.... and a webcam for my family back in NY!! How thoughtful is that!?

And sweet Eff.... I think we'll have him dedicated in this sweet outfit... ADORABLE!

Kimmie... not my Kimmie... but Kimmie Davidson from work... bought us all these great MUST HAVE's!

Kathy and Kirk also sent this sign that says "For this I have prayed" and we put it on T's's adorable! And of course... he's got some kickin' clothes too!

My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Johnny sent this great note for Tristan's baby book...

and of course... a whole bunch of fun stuff too! Look at the cute clothes! Aslan apparently needed to sniff too!

Just me, opening stuff...

and the girls from work Durby (bookend #1) Corey, and Wendy (bookend #2) God bless 'em - they have to put up with me all day!

more opening...

I look concerned... but I really am thankful for the diaper Genie my mom bought us!! Maybe I just heard how bad diapers can stink!!

Oh the looks I have on my face...

this one is better~

I'm shocked... by what, I'll never know....

this little firefly is for the car seat... Franci and Bob gave us that and a GC to Babies R Us! Yipppeee

Tracy, Hilda and Suzanne bought us a ton of monogrammed onesie's and burp cloths for Tristan, they are ADORABLE... as you have seen in the other photo!!

Look at the feet on these!!!

Suzanne and Mason....very shy and very adorable!

Hilda and Franci take turns stealing Ellie!

This is Eff... from my office... she is FABULOUS and my "fancy friend"

Guests arrive... Hi Pat, Hi Hilda.. Hi Blake, Hi Connie!

This is Seth... after we took his Paci... NOT a happy guy!

These are books from my nephew Lane!

Girls from the office again.. Durby, Corey "MEOW" and Wendy! Oh ...chattin' with Ash (from Chicago!)

Seth is happy again, we gave him back his paci!

Margie showing my Mommy's Time Out wine from Durby!

EE brought us this diaper dude... it's a little guy made out of a receiving blanket, diapers, binkee... all sorts of fun stuff! Of course... she had other goodies in the bag too!

Here's Alyssa and Seth... man, he LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Alyssa! Especially when they had high pitch sound contests!!

Sorry to barrage you with photos but my family in NY really wanted to see all my goodies. Don't shoot the messenger! HA!
Thank you everyone for everything.. what a blessing my shower was. We only have a few things on the list to get and I have gift cards to go get them with. Once I have the nursery finalized this weekend, I'll send photos. YIPPPEEEEE! We love you all! Julie, Holt & Baby T