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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few little bits of fun

Tristan got this Turtle for the pool from Grandma Margie for Easter! He is going to looooooove this and I absolutely LOVE it because he will have fun in the pool and at the lake without me having to worry about his white skin getting burned! TOO CUTE!

Thank you Grandma!!!

This is Tristan ALMOST over... as I said below..he's advanced... he can get all the way onto his belly now. It's getting back that's the issue......

Here is daddy and T workin' in the office............. they like to kick it!

And last but not least this is Uncle Fester. He's our resident mouse.. the dogs try to eat him... we love to watch him and Mom, don't worry... he's sweet!

Happy almost May..........
Oh and our cousin Lute GOT ENGAGED TODAY........................ WUHOOOOOOOOOOO
We love you Katelyn! Hopefully that is spelled right!!

He's growing up too fast!!

I don't have a picture... because it was 3:40AM when I heard Tristan scream....

I ran into his room and his legs were poked out of the slats on his crib and he was stuck. When I got a little closer. I realized my nugget had FLIPPED OVER ONTO HIS BELLY!

Wuhoooooooooooooo - well, I thought so, but he didn't. He can't flip back yet.

Hopefully Holt and I can catch on tape and upload a little video. It's so dang cute!

Ok, that's my latest and greatest... talk soon!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

He's my greatest joy....

Well, Holt had a boy's trip this weekend... so Mr. T and I spent the weekend together. After an incredibly stressful week at work... I went on radio silence for 24 hours and just enjoyed my son. We played, we laughed, he got sticky so I stuck him in his tub... and we just really, REALLY enjoyed the time together.

It's getting reasonably easier to put him to bed at night. I used to have major anxiety because I miss him and I know my time with him is much more limited than it was. I don't cry much any more though. I felt guilty for that at first... but then I realized, it's just me accepting my life right now.

I think this period has been hard on Holt even though he won't admit it. I'm not much fun anymore and I realize that. I'm still not ready to be without Tristan for much more than an hour or so. Again...just me making the most of my time with him.

But, I realize, Holt needs me too. So, I'm trying to find more things that Holt likes to do that are kid friendly. We've decided that until Tristan is past the SIDS stage and we can just lay him down at a friend's house...we'll have people here. It's just really, really hard because he doesn't nap well, usually not at all if he's not in his bed. He used to love his car seat but those days are long gone. Luckily, he's up more now so we do go and do stuff ... but it's hard for me to enjoy myself when I have him in a moses basket in another room and he's screaming. Again, I'm not opposed to him "crying it out" but again, until we are past the death stage (SIDS) - we're compromising.

I found this awesome site for kids swimming... it basically teaches them how to swim AND float should they fall in a pool - fully clothed... starting at 6 months old. I haven't quite figured out HOW I am going to do this because it's in the mornings, 5 days a week and I work. I doubt I can talk Holt into it but man, I would feel SO much better if he took this. My in-laws have a pool, we are at the lake...and my friend Tracy's son had drowned and was floating in her pool when I neighbor saw him and brought him back to life. Thank you Lord! So anyway, as a mom, all of those worries go through my head over and over and over... but we'll see.
watch the video on the bottom left hand side or the bottom right showing little baby miles... it's AMAZING!

Anyway, Holt's on his way home, Tristan is sleeping and I managed to walk one dog at a time having Tristan in the stroller so all is quiet in my house. I may go read my book on NC... we may move to Charlotte at some's to dreaming. Or.... I think I'll go and just sit... and pray for my friends and family and for the insanity that lies ahead in my week.

Life sure isn't easy but is sho' is FUN! HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So my mom has this friend...

A best friend actually.... her name is Carol Green. I have prayed for Carol for a VERY long time. I have never met her but man oh man...does my mom love her buddy. Anyway, Carol has got through a lot health wise and has always, in my opinion been dealt a very bad hand. This past year my mom called me, ECSTATIC, that Carol was getting a kidney transplant. She had spent every week getting transfusions and this was such a blessing!

Carol is doing very well now and to hear the joy in my mom's voice when I get to hear the great news, it makes my heart smile. Friends do that. I found Carol's daughter on Facebook and we have become e-pals too... it's been pretty fun.

Anyway, Carol sent me a Willow Tree figurine and I LOVE IT.... it actually looks like me (I'm back to being blond again) and although Tristan isn't that big... it looks like Mr. Cheeks with his sandy blond hair. My best friend Tracy gave me one of these when Holt and I got married and it's always been so beautiful to me.... something is so touching about it. Then this one... something inside of me melted because it somehow encompasses a mother's love for her child.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my newest treasure. Carol, thank YOU for being who you are and for loving my mom they way that you do. Thank you for this gift as well... it's one of those constant reminders of how blessed I am to have this little guy in my life. God is good...
God bless you!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Many have asked how celebrating Insurance Day started....

Here's the story... I copied out of an old email I sent...

Ok, so Friday I get home and it's Holt and my "anniversary"... not the real one... just something we slightly celebrate. We aren't supposed to get each other gifts but I bought him this silly little thing and told him and he said that he was getting me something. Holt goes over board in this area, so needless to say, I was worried.

So, I walked in and he asked me if I wanted what was behind door #1 or door #2. So, I thought about it... and how he'd try to trick me... and I finally decided I wanted #1. So I opened the door to my basement... and all down the stairs were tennis balls. He bought me tennis lessons and a new racquet. I wanted this VERY badly for my birthday but I realized I got it early. After getting mad at him for spending money on me, I was pretty excited. My lessons begin in May. We live across from some courts and he loves to play. Gonna make my Auntie T proud!!

So I then asked (because I was OF COURSE curious) ... "what was behind door #2?" He said to look. So I opened the door to my attic and saw a kong (dog toys for those of you that don't know). I was thoroughly confused at this point and said "Were you going to buy me a dog?" He said yes. I was bummed.... he told me to go ahead and look anyway because there was more. As I walked up the stairs, I saw dog treats, beds, toys, food bowls, water dish, all sorts of stuff... and a top of it all... was the picture attached.

We haven't named him yet (thinking about Aslan, Cutter, still not sure)... but the newest addition to the family comes back from Dallas with us on May 29th. Needless to say... I'm just a LITTLE excited.

Nikita officially has a baby brother and although she won't see him much... they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks... family at heart!!


Here is the website....

Max is his dad and Nemo is his half brother and Sarah is his mom.
If you think this story is good... you should hear how we got engaged... my man is amazing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Grandma.....


My Grandma is in the hospital??? *SIGH* What's wrong Grandma?

Oh... your heart has a boo-boo? Well... ok, but... are you gonna be ok? Is you gonna come home soon?

Well, ok, that's good... I guess I feel A LITTLE better...

But I still feel sad... I want you to be home in your own bed, with your own toys and with Stormy.

I love you and miss you and I'm trusting that God will bring you home soon and the boo-boo on your heart will be all better. Mommy and I will keep praying for you too.

All this worrying wears me OUT! COME HOME GRANDMA!!! I know, I know...don't worry..but it's the Cimildora in me!!!

I love you Grandma... hugs and drooly kisses to you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bath time!!


All clean!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Insurance Day!

Ok - so on April 14th, 2005...Holt found out he needed a root canal. Problem.. he had no dental insurance. TO make a very long story short... we knew we were getting married so we told NO ONE... and went downtown and tied the knot. A judge married us... he (literally) looked like a catfish and after paying $10 for our 2 minute "ceremony" we had a homeless man take our picture for $10. It was greatness! My friend Paulette came and prayed with and for us... because we wanted to honor God in our marriage and ONLY truly live as a married couple when we TRULY were married in Aruba. So ... we ignored the day. I went back to work, copied my certificate, sent it to HR, got Holt on my insurance and we never discussed it again. I could have made this much funnier and much longer... explaining it all BUT... it's my first week back to work so I don't have time...............

The first anniversary in '06 Holt bought me Aslan... in '07...I gave Holt his very own poker room in our garage (table, chairs, painted walls, refridge, darts...) and this year he gave me this.... wow......

But first....

Oh my angelic little man... isn't he SO CUTE!!?? This was just a quick pic I took when I laid him down on the picnic blanket. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

This was where I found Holt ... after he and Tristan suddenly went missing...

Aw, a party just for ME!!

My Holtie... my sweet, sweet Holtie... and Mr. T!

A little close-up anyone?

I couldn't stop snapping....

A little "aerial" photo

fun stuff!

A little closer you can see the snuggle!

Man I love my guys!

Holt can't stop snapping either!

I love this picture.....

can you tell I love HIM!?


Not to be partial..but SERIOUSLY.. he is ADORABLE!

he was very giggly then....

Flowers for mommy..........

This is what my backyard looked like... so sweet, so romantic. My hubby is GOOOOOOD!

And dinner was served... that's A-1 on my potato... YUMMY!

And the scene at night....

My gift for Insurance Day..... it will make sense if you can read the card below...

I LOVE YOU HOLT BARBER...thank you!!