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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas at the Barbers...and I come clean with my addiction

I am addicted to snowmen... they are all over my house and I just LOVE THEM. This guy makes me feel VERY Christmas-y...I think he's my favorite (don't tell the others!)

At night with candles and the fire it's really pretty but as you can see with my horrid video attempt last night, I should stick to photos until we get a camcorder!

even the fish get to feel jolly!

Here's our little tree... again, much cuter with the lights out...but cute nonetheless!

WE wish we could share Christmas PERSONALLY with all of our friends and family but because we can't... we gave a little look into our world. Next year will be much more insane... we'll play "Where's Tristan or I Spy The Baby" in all the photos - we'll hide him and see if YOU can find him!
Have a great holiday season everyone.... and I'm happy to say....

A surprise from Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike

WOW - another day of surprises!! I opened my door to run out and get the mail and look what I found! Well.... it was in a box but that's less fun to view!!

Here is the letter that was in the box too, it explains all of Tristan's great stuff!
There's a growth chart, calendar, an awesome travel blanket, a lamb that has been in our family for YEARS that I remember VERY well... some jammies (long and short sleeved of course, my Aunt has me well prepared!), an awesome shape/hole toy, some books, 3 sippy cups for infant, toddler and big boy (planning ahead... I LOVE IT!) and an outfit, sun shades, a whoozit, a puppet (see below), some books, and a Jesus Loves Me snow globe. SO CUTE and so much fun!

Holt's exact words "we're makin' out like bandits!" I AGREE!

This hand puppet cracked me up so he's getting his own special "press"!!
and this... so sweet....

Yes Tristan, Jesus loves you... so does Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike.

THANK YOU!!!! We love everything... what an awesome box of fun!! xoxo

I'm a Grinch!

Well, last night I fell asleep at about 9pm.. typical these days. "Aunt" Debby and "cousin" Alyssa snuck over and had a surprise for me! They walked in with a tier of gifts... I was asleep so sorry there is no picture but it was 3 purple wrapped boxes and then 2 white packages all tied with ribbons! Our sweet friends decided to go maternity shopping for me! Debby made me laugh because she said she remembered how it felt to have her old maternity stuff and in the last 2 months you are SO SICK of the same old, same old. Amen to that.... those clothes are a beating! Thank you for remembering!!!

I know, I know... I look soooo snotty... I was a total Grinch and I was VERY sleepy. Never wake a sleeping lion! I was VERY grouchy so it took me a while but finally, my (hopefully) normal self kicked in and the we just laughed and chatted for a while.

a few of the notes attached....

Here is Alyssa trying on some maternity jeans - she is so tiny!! My hero.....

Debby and Holt had a glass of wine together and then Alyssa filled me in on the details of tonight. Her birthday party. YES, SHE BOUGHT ME GIFTS the day before HER birthday. Talk about a selfless family. Plus, they can't wait to babysit and I am so thankful they live 5 short miles down the street. When I'm half insane, sleep deprived and ready to jump.... they'll be here.

Oh and of course.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Hope of the world............

I love that picture of Jesus.... Ed Young (pastor of Fellowship Church) painted that... so we added HOPE... He is the hope of our world!!

Here is my sad attempt at video one. I'll try one more after we get the tree... it's dark... I know... I'm learning. Holt will help me with a better one I'm sure!

Oh boy... I need practice.. this is bad!!

Merry Christmas everyone... (I know, the day after Turkey Day, I can't contain myself!!) I am SO excited for this year - I have a whole different perspective and I'm just praying I keep it. It's Christ-centered!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We started off today very lazy, I wrote out my Christmas letter envelopes and we piddled around the house. That's a word... right? Then we went to see the movie Australia... pretty darn good in my book! Afterwards, we met up with two (now three) of my great friends from Chicago... Audra and Ashley Langford... and Ash's soon to be hubby Bob. Audra MADE ME this awesome baby blanket... I LOVE IT...and when you come and visit, you need to feel it! SO SOFT!! I wrapped it around the Balfour Beatty Bear so you could get the full effect!

We started decorating for Christmas... we get the tree on Sunday and then we're done. So, just a few little pics so you can see our attempt at Christmas cheer!!

This darn thing won't let me post more pics for some reason... I'll post this and try again. I even have a video that I attempted... it's probably horrible quality but we are saving for a camcorder so HOPEFULLY by the time Tristan is here , we'll have better options for right back!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My sweet, sweet husband....

Well, last night Holt and I went to Borders AND Barnes and Noble... Holt was in search of a surprise. Holt picked up the above book and declared that he wanted to make sure that Tristan knew his voice so he was going to read to Tristan and I EVERY night.
Last night the tradition began and chapter one was all about this vet... saving a calf. WHEW... I was a little scared because quite frankly, a vet has the best and the worst job in my book. For some reason I totally understand and accept the death of humans... but animals... no way, no how. I will BOO stinkin' HOO at a moment's notice.
So, my sweet, sweet husband is on a journey to be known by his son before he even arrives and he's excited. In turn, that makes me happy and my heart melt. Last night as I listened to him read and occasionally speak directly into my belly... I fell in love with him all over again. I'm quite sure that Tristan did too. T loves his daddy.
You are the greatest gift I have ever received Holt Barber. I .. no WE.... love you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.... well, sort of

Actually...THESE are a few of Griffin's favorite things!!

Look what "Aunt" Treva and "Uncle" Doug sent! My friend Treva...a Ya-Ya of course - sent us a box loaded with Griffin's favorite things! Trev is "cookin' up" baby #2 so I realize she knows a thing or two about babies! I'll be calling you when I need to know how to stop him from crying too... get ready!

I can't wait to try this stuff out on our little guy! Thank you both for our gifts.. we love them!


Friday, November 21, 2008

105% now THAT is a great number!

Well, Holt just got the call... our 2nd mortgage has approved our short sale and we are waiting on our 1st mortgage to approve then it's a DONE deal. I asked Holt what our chances are of it going through and he said 105%!! The he quickly recanted and said 90%. I'm going to just go ahead and take the 1st one because I can't handle any more "You owe us money, your mortgage is behind, do you know we are about to ruin your credit" phone calls. SOOOOOOOOO, I'm patiently (yet not so) waiting for the final approval so our house in Chicago can happily be passed on to our next door neighbor who is buying it. I love that little had it's issues but Holt and I had a lot of fun there, lots of memories of Bible studies and cookouts and it's Aslan's first home... so lots of good stuff there. It was where Holt and I became a solid "WE".

So, I'm praying, I'm begging God to please let this house be sold and then hopefully in 2 years I can have some semblance of a credit score back. I figure that will be the point that our house will feel too small and we'll be ready to move again. For now, I bid Spaulding Avenue farewell and wait patiently on Citimortgage to make me one VERY thankful person.

And on a side note - my friend Kimmie (one of the 9 from work) had her baby boy about 3 hours ago! Sawyer Lesley Davidson came into the world at 10:10am - 8 lbs. 2 ounces! YIPPPEEEE Congrats to the Davidson family! I will miss you at work but will see you and the little one with my own little one in hand... SOON!! xoxo

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh my gosh, it's happened.. the wall is once again here. I am back to being exhausted most of the time. Ugh. NOT AGAIN! I've been chatting with Durby for the last few days and OMG... she is exhausted, drained, crying.... and I am NOT looking forward to that. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

The reality of what is about to happen is setting in. Thank you Lord that my husband is SO fabulous. I'm not kidding, God knew what He was doing when He gave me Holt. Holtie went to the Daddy Boot Camp class on Tuesday and came home all fired up and ready to take action. He came home with all sorts of fabulous information and ways to support me and my new role as a mom. He even decided that it was very important for him to be at my breastfeeding class!! I guess spending time with a pediatrician/dad who's already "been there, done that" and a bunch of other guys gives you some great perspective and wisdom. I am suddenly looking to him for a ton of knowledge. We have lots to chat about over the next 54 days but my husband is AMAZING and is on board 150%. I love you Holt Barber and I could NEVER do this without you.

Holt has also decided to get a part time job for a while and although I know it's necessary, it breaks my heart. I am sad that we will have less time together, I'm sad that our already stretched schedule will be stretched ever more. I will be home and he will have to head into the office vs. having the freedom of working out of our home. We barely see our friends and I haven't even begun to volunteer at church yet. Toss in the fact that we are going to try and both take turns going to the gym starting in January and then of course... squeeze in date night/dance lessons... it's overload. I'm sure some of the despair is hormones.. some of it is our economy and how scary things are getting for everyone and the fact that Holt and I STILL haven't sold our house in Chicago and my credit is trashed... it's just YUCKY. It feels overwhelming but I know that God will work out all of the details. I think once he travels for his TiGi trip in January and I survive my week alone - I'll feel better. A week alone with a newborn is slightly intimidating when you throw in the no sleep factor and two needy dogs Thankfully I have friends and family who have offered to step up and be on call when I need them. Trust me... I'll need you and I WILL CALL.

Kristin also said in her blog that she is really struggling thinking about going back to work. She stayed home with Trenton (her first) for a year and now with Carter, she has to come back after 10 weeks. I keep thinking it won't be possible for me to struggle with this, I am NOT made to be a stay at home mom. I think you ladies are crazy and saints at the same time. Hopefully, that will remain the case because I have to work and I don't want to have to fight off that emotion daily too. So, please keep me in your prayers that my love of 8-5 remains....

Also, on a side note... please pray for my friend Joelle. She is one of my roomies from college and physically isn't doing well. She has lupus but has also had brain, stomach and ovarian cancer. It has been a VERY hard year for her and I can't imagine how she does it each and every day. On top of it all... someone that she loves dearly tried to commit suicide a few days ago and that has once again broken her very fragile heart. I hear stories like hers and realize that my life is simple, my worries feel petty but as my mom always reminds me, everything - everyone's troubles - are relative. So perspective is key... and Jo... when you read this.. know that you are loved and not alone.

Ok, I have to run... well, waddle now... Tristan has decided that my bladder is a punching bag and lo' and behold... I have to pee. Maybe I'll go sleep in my car for my lunch hour. Oooooh I'll steal ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's anywhere I can!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This one's for you Mom

Yeah.............. I know.......... my stomach is bigger than my head. Holt was sitting down when he took this and I can't get him to focus long enough to take one remotely flattering. This will have to do. Ugh


So, my dad remembered that I said that someday my son and hubby would be rolling around in Tristan's room shooting at the mobile of animals over T's crib... and he sent some weapons! HA! Sooooo funny!
I showed Holt and he laughed and then of course... this came after realizing that he's about to have a baby and never sleep again.....

He's scared. Mission accomplished. Ha! Just kidding... he's off to Daddy Bootcamp - this ought to be interesting. I'll let you know what I find out.

Thanks again Dad, what a great gift!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend fun

Well, here are a few pictures that I promised!! And no, there are none of me... too bad... I no longer fit in the lens - we'd have to do a panoramic and I'm not interested.

The first is Davis... we put a tiara on him... sometimes I just can't help myself.......

We didn't get the camera out until Saturday and Jenny and Aaron had already left. BOOOOO! I'll snap'em next time!
James and Davis are very sweet together, I love this picture.

and of course the whole Jones clan roasting up some marshmallows - YUM!

Then we have Uncle Holtie... he plays and plays and plays with the kids and it's so darn cute. Man, he is going to be a great dad!

and no weekend would be complete without my two other boys................ and they are in the kitchen on clean-up duty. Imagine that :O)

Grace ate a few too many of these and had a belly ache....

Here is James' fire.......... it was quite impressive...and WARM!!!

Holt was flipping the kids all over the place and I wish I had a picture of Davis dancing. It was GREAT! Nothing better than watching a little kid bounce his bootie to the music!

Then time to chill by the fire.... Aslan put himself to bed, he had enough of the weekend but we just sat and talked... until 9pm, then I went to bed.... James was first "man down" but sadly at 9:30pm, I said... goodnight Sue, goodnight Grace... and heard "Goodnight Uncle Julie" (that's what she calls me....hilarious) and I officially became my Grandpa! HA!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday all!

I just got done reading my friend Kristin's blog (her link is to the left). I'm so happy that she has "gone before me" ...twice. But Trenton was 5 years ago so I like that she has new little Carter as a refresher. She keeps me sane. I mean, she just candidly posted that I will NOT fit back into my size 4 (ok fine, 6) jeans when I leave the hospital. Crap! I shed a small tear *SIGH* and then just carried on. Her boob comment though... that frightens me. I will say no more for fear of freaking my dad out when he reads this.

We are off to the lake today. James, Sue, Grace, Davis, and our friends Aaron and Jenny are heading out there with me and my boys. It's gonna be cold as crap but it'll be fun to play games and hang out. I'll post some pictures when we return.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and Tristan is doing great. Dr. J thinks he's between 3 & 4 pounds, heart rate is 150 (VERY strong - that's my boy!) and he appears to be in perfect "position" - whew! I've heard stories on how docs adjust babies. YOWZA. I have my next appt on December 2nd and then after that will be heading to the doc weekly...internals will presume. CRAP, CRAP!

We have two more in here... Kimmie (Kim Davidson) and Karen who are about to "go" any day now. I watch them walk around with painted on smiles and God bless 'em I know they are hurting. It doesn't appear that the last 30 days is pleasant. Elizabeth (from my office) promised me yesterday that the last 30 days would fly. I really want to believe her but with all the back aches I've been having, the trouble getting up and having to pee approximately 10 times last night I'm not sure that I believe her. Still, I'm trying. Until I imagine my water breaking in Mark's office and then he will have to remodel the entire floor at Balfour Beatty. Ugh.

I'm having all sorts of random dreams theses days - breastfeeding, how will I teach my son to be financially responsible, what can we do to NOT raise a spoiled rotten child who thinks he is entitled to everything, how to ensure that he knows my family as well as Holt's, what will Christmas look like and how can we teach him to want to give more than receive... all sorts of stuff that I realize doesn't come until way later but my heart just pleads with God on how to give this child wisdom to be a good man that loves others and wants to leave the world a better place than he found it. I want him to be a better person than I am... better than Holt is.... weird I know considering he's not even done "cooking" yet. Ha! I guess this is part of being a mom.

I don't have any pictures so I know this makes this a LOOOONG read. I'll be ending this now. I hope you are all well and happy and of course hope you all look great in your skinny jeans. I am at work today hiding the fact that my jeans... my pre-pregnancy jeans... are on and are not zippered. It's amazing the fear you have that your shirt will fly up and people will see that your jeans are not zippered or buttoned. Can't afford maternity jeans so these will have to do. Funny what you can make due with when you don't have any credit cards!!

Have a great weekend............... Barbers are off to the lake! Come on 5 O'clock!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Awwww, Christy!!

Well, my old (yet MUCH younger) roomie Christy from Chicago sent Tristan a Target gift certificate.

I bought diapers, wipes and this cool little travel table topper thing that I spied someone else having at a pizzeria the other night! WUHOOOO
Thanks again Christy! We can't wait for you to meet little T!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics of Tristan's room

This is the sign Kathy and Kirk gave us... we love it.... and it's hang on his door for all to see.

Well these are just a few new pics that we have the rocker in there...

This one shows Val and Brandon's sign up...

and Holt hung the shelving so we can have our little camera in there and see Tristan from our room whenever we want!

We have almost everything we need. Short a few things that we are saving for but even if he came today, we'd be ready!!

Don't mind the clothes... I have a lot of washing and folding to do as the day gets closer.

Hope you enjoyed... we have had a blast getting ready!!

Love you all - Holt, Julie, Tristan, Aslan, Simba and a bunch of fish!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grandma's House....sort of!

Last night we met with a lady named Karen and we just loved her! She runs Grandma's House Daycare and she's fabulous. We've found a wonderful woman named Bertie to take Tristan in May...and Bertie only takes babies until they are 1 year old... so, that puts her taking Tristan for 6 months.
Karen would be his next stop. She has a full daycare facility in her home and the beauty of it is, she's about 5 miles from our house!! Karen takes 12 kids total that she and her partner handle. Her husband is a saint for having all of these kids in his house, but she's building a new addition so I think that makes a huge difference for all involved!!

Here is the website if you'd like to see:

Tristan will have weekly Bible studies, he will learn Spanish AND sign language. Karen provides diapers, formula (whichever we choose) and all of his meals - all home cooked! Please Lord, I don't want a picky eater like me!! Plus it's only $20 more per week than Bertie - fabulous!!!
At the moment, there aren't openings but she is hoping that next year there will be for our little guy. She'll start checking into it in January. James and Sue Jones took Grace to Karen for years and now Davis is there happily enjoying his time. If you click on the site, you'll see a photo of Davis in James on the scrolling pictures on the right.
I'm trying not to get too excited, it's all in God's hands and Holt and I both know that He will figure it out, but most of you know, I like to get things set in this ought to be interesting for me!! It's VERY important to me that Tristan has consistency, and I also want him to be close to home and both Bertie and Karen are so close to our home and I'm thrilled! Karen and her husband also attend our church so that made us VERY happy too!! Means we've all got the same "stuff" going in and the fact that Tristan will be taught weekly is HUGE. His little brain will be a sponge and I can't wait to see what he soaks up!

I am planning on taking 10 weeks maternity and then taking the following 2 months and working Mon-Wed, taking Thurs and Fri off with Tristan so that Holt can have a break and work. I'm also trying to switch my hours to 7:30am-4:30pm so I will miss a bunch of the traffic and be able to get home so Holt can do his thing. YIPPPEEE

So, basically, it's up in the air and I know God will orchestrate all the details. Now it's time to sit back and wait.... I'll need something to do though... hmmmm, maybe I'll go pack my bag for the hospital or better yet... I'll go figure out what T is going to wear to his first day of Kindergarten - ha! I kill myself!
Orca Barber... over and out

Well then...Obama it is

Well Tristan, someday I will print this blog and have it bound for you one of these days.... so it should include a historic event that happened late last night. Barack Obama was elected as our 44th President.
He's the first African American President (besides the one on 24- ha) and mommy and daddy are thrilled that history was made...but in all honesty are fearful for some of his beliefs. Grandma Margie is jumping for joy... the rest of the family, hmmmm, not sure.
BUT, mommy and daddy believe that God is ultimately the authority over all.. so we trust that no matter who is in charge on Earth, that they still pass through God's hands and His will shall come to pass.
You will be born in a time of great history, you will be born in a time of struggle because struggle is ahead for us all. We all have to live out the consequnces of our actions, mommy and daddy included. We will do our best to show you the good in the world and educate you on the bad because you will need to know how to handle both. We hope that you have a love for all people, a tolerance for people's differences and that you will learn how to love and give of yourself freely. We live in a crazy world that some think rests on the shoulders of our new President. We agree with that some... but YOUR truth starts here with us, at home... and we will do whatever we can to teach you to be a good and fair and responsible love Jesus with all of your heart and of course, to vote REPUBLICAN - ha!
We can't wait to meet you little one... we can't wait to see how YOU affect our world.
God bless America........ and thank you for all of our freedoms!!! Mommy & Daddy

Halloween Treat from Joelle

I came home Monday to find a little package on my doorstep from Joelle. Tristan received some more football gear today! Holt didn't really approve... but he understands, I'm a Yankee, I went to college in Buffalo and just as I have to accept that I am now (no matter what) a Cowboys fan.... I have an internal love for The Bills and The Giants. Thankfully he accepts me...sort of! Ha!

Tristan is now fully stocked with football wear... hopefully we're raising a little sports nut!!
Thanks Jo!