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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random shots from Grandpa

Here's Tristan with my FIRST Ridgeback... Nikita...

Tristan loved Nikita and Nikita loved food droppings :)

Dada with his new toy Rifle from my dad! Holt said his favorite was when he and his dad were getting ready for bed and he say the gun outside hanging on his door. He thought - WUHOOOO - It's ON!!!!

Singing Happy Birthday to The Nugget!

Freaky picture of Mama! Right before dinner in Syracuse - YUM!!!

Nugget opening his toys... he was pretty excited!

And finally... having some cheese PIZZA - YUM! He doesn't look like he's enjoying it but trust me... he did!

My dad sent these... thought I'd include! Thanks Dad!

Tristan's "FIRST" birthday... almost

Well, I decided to throw Tristan's first birthday a little early so my family could join in on the fun as well! We'll have similar decs here for his party on January 16th.... so fun!!
Here's T's Yankee cake...
with a candle....
And Uncle Johnny... not sure what he was planning on doing with the remote, but Tristan was on to him. It WAS his favorite toy - ha!
Then he got a ton of fun stuff! Grandma helped open his toy from Aunt Kelly, Uncle Lee and Zach... it is a guitar! WUHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Aunt Tracy loooooooooooooooooooooves the Nugget but he was antsy pants and wanted to play!

God bless you Tracy Poole... you put up with this extended family and always have!! We love you!!

T on his Christmas present from the Kinsons..... and the Lion rider from Grandpa!
First family pic!

Then I got in and Poolsie took it! I'm trying to crop myself into the other and have one family pic! Maybe I can crop Auntie T and Uncle Mike in too! :)

Little cutie........

Mom and her girls!

Kel and Aunt Jeanne

Kelly and Zach... I can't believe my nephew is 21 and I have an (almost) 1 year old - YOWZA!!!

Me n my mama!!

Uncle Johnny getting some quality time

Tristan says I'm ONE!!!!! He looooooooooooooooooooooooooves his Grandpa. I have seriously never heard my child belly laugh more than when he is with his Grandpa. They crawl all over the place and laugh and laugh and laugh. Great to see him and my dad THAT happy!!!

Yes... believe it or not people... my sis and I ... getting along. AGAIN. Who knows, maybe sissy and I are all grown up! :)

He's puzzled... MORE GIFTS? Yes, buddy.. more gifts!

Zach and his baby cousin!

Sweet little Nugget. Man... you are CUTE!

He loves his Aunt and Uncle! So many people vying for his attention!

Me n my best friend on the planet. I love you Tracy!

Hopefully more pictures will surface... sorry it's so crazy but I'm so stinkin' busy that I had to make sure they made it before the end of the year!!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and of course...
SEE YOU IN 2010!!!

Sad...but only pics I have from Christmas day!!

Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Johnny came to Aunt Kelly and Uncle Lee's house to visit Mr. T. Ok, they came to see us too but we can all be honest here.... Tristan IS the focus!!

Two of Grandma's Ya-Ya's!!

Daddy on Christmas morning with his Cowboys Santa hat... Santa does have good humor...
and his fly fishing vest from mommy, a bottle opener and a bottle of vino from the Kinsons!!
We were all spoiled rotten!!

Holt had fun with his new DROID phone....

And Tristan found his thumb again for Christmas. Little cutie!!

I'll find more pics... someone HAS to have them. This is pathetic!!!

Off to see Auntie T

My mom, Holt, Tristan and I traveled on Monday to see Aunt Trisha, Uncle Mike, Aunt Teen and T's cousins Nicholas and Sophia. Aunt Trisha... you look BEAUTIFUL and I'm so thankful that you felt well enough for us to come and visit!

Here are a few pics with everyone. I miss you all more than you know!!


Grandma/Aunt Trisha... with the kiddos.... beautiful!!!!

Oh T and his Uncle Mike and Daddy...........

Me and my boy!

This is Nicholas and Sophia...Tristan's cousins - too bad he didn't want to play in the snow too!!

Uncle Mike loves Mr. T.................

This is Auntie Teen...........from our last trip.... sadly we didn't take one this time - oops!! Next time we have to get Christine AND Lamonte too!!

Not sure who enjoys the trains more...the kids... OR HOLT!!!

I wish we could have stayed longer............ we love you all!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Post....

I didn't have a chance to post but yesterday...

But...for (almost) my whole Yankee family to see...

Tristan took his first steps.

Two times...

then repeated again today when my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Johnny came.

It's confirmed.... our boy is walking!!!

Maybe he'll show off for Poolsie at his birthday party on Sunday...

Maybe Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike will get a "show" on Monday..

We'll see!

Merry Christmas T - you found your feet!! I love you!! Mommy

Merry Christmas!!

Tristan met Santa... and it couldn't have gone ANY BETTER!! (Thanks Elizabeth)

Merry Christmas everyone!! God bless you and your family - and don't forget...
Santa rocks...but Jesus blows him out of the water!! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with the Olivers!!

So, Tristan spent yesterday with the Olivers (minus John) and boy oh boy... did they all have fun.

Here is Auntie Connie...and two of her presents from T... HIS Christmas card (with a hand written note of course!) and a photo frame ... with pics behind it so she can flip and change it out whenever she wants. Plus, as I get more cuties... I can send the size I KNOW she can stick in there and the black matches everything!

Connie, her kids and her mom spent the day baking Christmas gifts and here's the little taste tester....

A break from baking.... cookie snuggles!!

Here's the clan. Mitchell is a bit peeved... Connie said that was about the 15th picture - hard to get everyone to cooperate!

And Mitchell feeling a bit more cheery... probably shot # 2! Ha!
Lauren (far left) is just as addicted to Tristan as Connie. Megan and Mitchell (both on right) love Tristan but like to play and then and go... kind of how I am with kids.
I like giving them back!

Mr. T who apparently found a new best friend in Sandy. Worked for Little Orphan Annie, why not T!

Daddy and I came to pick up the Nugget and he had a Christmas surprise that was huge - he unwrapped it and had a blast playing with the paper. What's inside... hmmmm????

Well, it's awesome! It's something for him to ride then eventually peddle himself. It's awesome! He (and we) love it!!

Thank you for loving Tristan the way that you do. We love you guys almost... ALMOST as much as you love T. You guys are fabulous. Merry Christmas and we'll see you when we get back from NY!