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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with the Olivers!!

So, Tristan spent yesterday with the Olivers (minus John) and boy oh boy... did they all have fun.

Here is Auntie Connie...and two of her presents from T... HIS Christmas card (with a hand written note of course!) and a photo frame ... with pics behind it so she can flip and change it out whenever she wants. Plus, as I get more cuties... I can send the size I KNOW she can stick in there and the black matches everything!

Connie, her kids and her mom spent the day baking Christmas gifts and here's the little taste tester....

A break from baking.... cookie snuggles!!

Here's the clan. Mitchell is a bit peeved... Connie said that was about the 15th picture - hard to get everyone to cooperate!

And Mitchell feeling a bit more cheery... probably shot # 2! Ha!
Lauren (far left) is just as addicted to Tristan as Connie. Megan and Mitchell (both on right) love Tristan but like to play and then and go... kind of how I am with kids.
I like giving them back!

Mr. T who apparently found a new best friend in Sandy. Worked for Little Orphan Annie, why not T!

Daddy and I came to pick up the Nugget and he had a Christmas surprise that was huge - he unwrapped it and had a blast playing with the paper. What's inside... hmmmm????

Well, it's awesome! It's something for him to ride then eventually peddle himself. It's awesome! He (and we) love it!!

Thank you for loving Tristan the way that you do. We love you guys almost... ALMOST as much as you love T. You guys are fabulous. Merry Christmas and we'll see you when we get back from NY!


  1. How sweet! Connie's the super sitter!

    Carter has that exact same ridey car thing. He loves it! He likes to be pushed by someone though. He puts his feet up and looks around expectantly for someone to do his bidding. :) Tristan will love it!!