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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The kid must love me!

Well, yesterday I had a horrid bought of morning sickness again. I prefer to call it ALL DAY sickness though... it was so bad, I had to call it quits in Spanish class after one hour. YOWZA.

But, today... the little one decided to be sweet to me for my birthday and NOT make me sick! Yippeee! I woke up and Holt had flowers all over the kitchen, I had the sweetest card EVER, cards, emails and calls from friends and family and I'm SO BLESSED to not be sick too! See, I told you... the kid loves me!

A quick update on my buluuuuud (ok, to get that... please watch this video, cracks me up)

They sent my results off to Dr. Gupta and he said that my levels have actually gone down so he said he doesn't see any reason to be concerned. WUHOOOO! Again........fabulous news. So other than the shot...and my friend Kristin telling me that I have to have an epidural TUBE stuck in my back... the future looks bright.

I know everyone is asking for pictures but I've been a) too tired, b) couldn't find the camera, c) too tired... so I promise I will get some up. I'll tell you right now........ I am not a fan of chubby pictures so you won't get too many of me. I'll focus on Holt and the belly but the full on shot, not thanks. Now no snotty replies that pregnancy is beautiful and I should embrace it blah, blah, blah... you start lecturing me... I'll send back a snotty reply and then blame it on the baby. Hee, hee, hee......... just the kind of girl I am.

We've picked out the names......... and I just might tell you.........we'll see!


  1. ::sniffle::

    crap. i'm sorry. i thought you knew. tube was the wrong word. what i meant was, "you'll have a stream of golden happiness and blissful relief flowing into your soul". it's true, too, which is the best part.

    better? forgive?

  2. Lesson: When your older child is screaming that your baby has "bulood" do not laugh. Check the baby.
    As for the rest, suck it up. Pregnancy is beautiful and you should embrace it. What's wrong with you?

  3. Hey Julie,

    Are you guys going to find out the sex?

  4. I have my thoughts on what you are having...


  5. Ok, the blood kid had me cracking up here at work. Especially the end when he gets really pissed.

    Hope all is well.