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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My husband, the A+ student.... and I'm Rip

Well, it's official. I have to get the dang shot. Holt just HAAAAAS to be A+ doesn't he? Grrrr, oh well, I guess it could be worse, I could have to have the shot weekly vs. twice. Plus, after they took 1/2 of the blood out of my body for those lovely tests I've already had done... this will be a piece of cake. A shot in the booty? Nooooo problem!

I'm also out of my 1st trimester. YIPPPEEE! I know many of you have been asking for photos. We just found our camera so I'll "beg" (because the camera is sooo your friend when you feel like a cow) Holt but there really isn't anything to see other than my bloated belly. I don't think it counts as showing, I think it counts as gassy. Sorry but it's part of the deal and I will not go down alone!

Oh and the prenatals. My gosh, I pray over myself before I take them. It's like swallowing a cement block. I get nauseous and feel disgusting but feel terrible when I skip one because I am harming little BB. So I try and put on my big girl panties and take them.

I could list of all of the other freaky things that have been happening but I'll spare you. I do however torture my mother with such things so feel free to send her a sympathy card, she deserves it.

I don't have an update on my white blood cells but apparently my doctor is not too concerned. I'll let you know when I hear something but I assume it won't be until my appointment on July 24th.

I cannot tell you how T-I-R-E-D I have been. Yowza. Doing a load of laundry takes everything I've got and then I have to nap for 2 hours. Not kidding. I've been known to slide into one of our executive's office as well and take a 45 minute nap on his floor (no pillow, no blanket, no problem!) If I've forgotten to do something for you, call you back, have energy to actually visit you, please forgive me. This out of body experience has been a little more difficult than expected. It's like telling the Energizer Bunny to stop drumming and sleep. You would never think it would happen.... I mean, it's not possible is it? But steal that little suckers battery and BAM! -- he's turned into Rip Van Winkle. Now my title makes sense... huh!?

Barber's over and out...........

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