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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

all in 5 days...

Well, most of you are aware, my mom made it. She made it EARLY if you can believe it. IKE can't keep Margie away - she was coming! Holt and I ran to the airport prior to my mom's arrival and picked up Tommy Walker (friend from LA) and his crew. He was coming to lead worship at our church that weekend so I popped in to surprise him. At first he didn't' recognize me and said - "Hey, you cut off all your hair and it's not very blond and it's straight! Not fair!!" and I laughed and said..."the sheer size of me hasn't confused you either?" He laughed and said "I heard you were pregnant" - I think he probably saw me from the friendly skies but doesn't dare mention it!

Well, we drove some of the guys to their hotel and then I headed back to the airport to pick up my mom. She - "Ms. I NEVER EVER have flights that are on time" had to give "hats off" to United for the perfect flight to Chicago (even though there was major flooding) and then here. I brought her to the house and then the three of us headed to Texas De Brazil for dinner. YUM! Other than me dumping a full glass of wine down my arm, all was well. We ate and ate and ate and ate...

The day after, only the dogs were full speed ahead!

Then in the morning, we headed off to church - Ruth Ann (Mom II) came too and it was a blast. They were finally able to see Tommy and they loved him! Then Holt had to head to work so my mom and I went shopping! We bought the is what the room looks like so far.... isn't my bedding and crib cute!? Both compliments of my parents!!

Changing table still to come!

LOVE IT! Sunday night we went to Dad & Mom II's for a BBQ and had a blast. My mom and my mom II are great buddies so it's awesome to see them just chatter away. For those of you not married or even for some that are... you know what a HUGE blessing it is when the RENTS all get along.

Monday I worked but after, my mom and I quickly ran to Baby's R Us and picked up my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike's baby gift to us - we got our Pack and Play! It's's the pic. We popped it together and my mom oooo'd and aaah'd at how "they didn't have these when I was pregnant" and then we came up with a thousand scenarios to use it. One VERY important.. to keep the dogs off little T! He'll get licked to death.

THEN... CAME THE COWBOYS PHILLY game started off with some healthy razzing by Tracy Poole. Of course, we won... but Holt and I did some celebrating in our Marion Barber jersey's and made my mom take a picture. That will follow later once she gets me the CD. We spent the evening running around, screaming, etc. my mom loves Donovan McNabb so of course, she cheered for the Eagles and we OF COURSE screamed for Dallas. Oh what a game it was. And for those wondering, I still love the Giants too..... sorry Holtie.

Yesterday, I had the day off but still came to work. Who the heck does that!? Well, my mom had to meet Layman and the others at the office. We came down to have lunch with EE (Kimberlee May) and it was YUMM-O!

THEN...IT happened...

What you say? What could be such a crisis? Hmmmm, let's see. THE MATERNITY BRAS.

Seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY. I won't go in to too much detail because my poor dad reads this... but let me just say, I may need surgery after this whole process. It's some rotten joke that is being played on my body and I don't appreciate it. I exclaimed from the dressing room "That's it... this has done it... I NOW NEED THERAPY!!!" My poor mom... I heard her squeak "uh oh" and then I whipped open the curtain. To my horror, her face showed what I thought... I had to keep going UP a size. What a beating. Finally, I made it out but man oh man, I was in a bad mood. The cute little salesperson behind the counter is due 2 weeks after me. She said "I totally understand" - I wanted to smack her, she's still a size two and I swear she's an A-cup. WHATEVER!

The only thing that could fix this was.... MY MOM'S SAUCE!

So, last night, Kimmie, Holden, Lane, Hadley, Mom & Dad II came over for dinner with the 3 of us. It was crowded in the dining room but SO fun! We had my mom's famous pasta and I swear I won't waste a drop of it. Mom II tried to bring dessert but I warned her that there would be no room. I was correct. The kids ran around and played and the dogs joined in on the fun and everyone loved it. By 8pm everyone had left and by 8:30pm I was EXHAUSTED. Luckily Kimmie and Mom II had done all the dishes so the rest of the night we were "off"... good thing, my kitchen would still be a mess! My belly was full and I was VERY happy. Even my new bras poking out of the bag couldn't ruin my happy little food coma. Nope, no way. I did snarl a touch though. This is Hadley enjoying the "fish room"...

So that brings us to today. I woke up and left my mom with 3 HUGE bins of baby clothes to wash sort and fold. So, she's been at it all day going through all of Tristan's stuff - new and old - and just loving seeing what the little guy is going to be in. She has saved me HOURS of work and I so appreciate it. I know it's a lot to ask of your mom when SHE is on vacation..but come on, she is a Grandma again ..she eats this stuff up (or at least that's what she tells me!) I have more clothes then I will know what to do with so I am blessed beyond measure. BUT, I think I wore my mom out...... think she's sleepy?

Ok, lots and lots of pictures still to come. I have another sonogram on Friday so they'll be a baby update too. I guess that's all for now.

Orca Barber over and out.....


  1. Hi Jules! Love your blog! I am so glad your family arrived safely and you had fun! I have to say that I, too have had the jumbo sized bra experience....I actually cried and sent my mom out to get me a bag of doritoes for me to eat in the dressing room if I was gonna try on any more!!! haha! Seriously though, it worked, and the tears came the next week when I realized the bras didn't fit me any more!!!!! U want them? Hahahah, you're gonna kill me for that comment huh? Love You and Take Care! Kristin

  2. Tristan,
    Your crib set is better than mine. WAH!!!!