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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Friday, September 12, 2008


Ok, well... as my mom ALWAYS tells life is full of drama! My mom is coming to town tomorrow and her plane arrives right when the rain is supposed to come! They can't make up their minds though and now (as of 5 minutes ago) they are saying North Dallas will not get any "weather" until Sunday. Well, at least she'll be secure in my house when the tornadoes strike! JUST KIDDING MOM! GO AWAY IKE...GO AWAY!

Anyway, we have a week of fun planned so I'll have plenty to share and pictures will be posted! Plus my dad not only bought us a car seat - be bought Tristan's bedding so I'll be sure to update once we get the room set up!

Here's our plan:
Saturday - she lands, gets settled and then we are off to celebrate Holt's birthday early (we do it every year) - YUMMY Texas De Brazil!
Sunday - an old friend from Cali (Tommy Walker) is leading worship so we'll be at church to see him and then off to shop. We will be hitting Target and Baby's-R-Us for sure! Then, we're heading home after we grocery shop... and we'll play in Tristan's room (still can't believe I have a baby's room)
Monday - Holt and I have to work but my mom will be busy cooking up some sauce - SO EXCITED, it's my favorite (although Dad, your macaroni and cheese is a close second!) then Monday night we will be watching the Cowboys stop all over Philly. There will be some fighting as my mom has a different opinion on who should win the game!
Tuesday - I have off, so we will be hitting the malls, talking baby talk and for lunch, we will head to the office so my mom can FINALLY meet EE (Kimberlee) and Durby (Kristin) oh and of course...Layman. That in and of itself will be a "treat"! Then, Tuesday night, the Barber's and the Coggeshall's are coming over for sauce! YUM.
Wednesday - back to the daily grind, my mom will probably help me sort and wash baby clothes and then we'll hang out before Holt and I have to head off to a financial class we are taking. We have cut up (almost) all of our credit cards (others to SOON follow) - we will be debt free! Ruth Ann will be coming over to hang and drink wine with my mom! There is MUCH Grandma talk to be had!
Thursday - I have to work AGAIN (dang) and Holt leaves for his next TiGi trip. I will pick up my mom at 3pm so she can come to meet my Ob/GYN and hear Tristan's heartbeat! Then, later that night, Debbie, Alyssa and Katelyn may come over for sauce...if not, there's always FRIDAY!! I can smell the Italian bread and meatballs now.................. (*insert mouth watering here*)
Friday - I have off again - yipppeee - first hings first... my mom gets to come to my sonogram and get a good look at Tristan! If he poses for the camera, I'll be sure to include those at well. Hopefully, he's a little more modest than last time - ha! Then, it's off for more shopping, more girlie talk, more chillin' - can't wait. I think we'll head to the outlet malls so my mom can get Holt his bday gifts. We do this every year too, keeps things nice and simple! We may even get to have dinner with Ruth Ann again too!
Saturday is the sad day..... my mom leaves. BOOOOO! BUT after I shed a few tears...I'll apply some makeup and head off to Durby's shower... THAT will definitely be entertaining. Corey is my date since Holt is out of town. I love Corey. I'm telling everyone there that Tristan is our love child - ha!

Little Barber update... little as in small...not little as in Tristan....
- We received a FULL price offer on our house in Chicago and so we're hoping our short sale goes through. We NOW have a very respectful short sale attorney and we will be staying on top of this
- Kimberly had her FINAL surgery Wednesday and is recovering well at "our" parents
- My Aunt Trisha has partially retired...YIPPEE
- My mom, sister and bro in law still have jobs - YEAH!
- My dad found a NEW job in Auburn - less gas to pay for - wuhooo!
- My nephew Zachary AND little Rally both turned 20 - SHEESH

I hope I didn't forget anything...if I did, I blame my pregnancy brain!

Storm Tracker...over and out!

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