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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh my fabuloua friends!

Well, let's see, where do I begin? I almost killed some of my friends in Chicago. There, it's out, I've said it. The good thing is...I didn't do it. Whew! Saved myself some jail time. Our house in Chicago has been quite the nightmare for the last year and we are now at the point that we can't see it (bad market) and we can't afford to keep it. Our renters moved out the other day...well, that's where it began, they were supposed to. Anyway, called the realtor to take new pics of my newly emptied house only to find out it was filled with crap. (Can you see where my mind starts thinking up plans to butcher people?) Well.... this is a happy place so I won't go there other than to say my FABULOUS FRIENDS: JOHN SMITHWICK, PHIL LAKE, MICHELLE LAKE AND NICOLE MIANO went to our house and cleaned for about SEVEN hours and got rid of all the crap. Oh and to mention there were 2 foot weeds and crap in the back (that I wasn't aware of or I would have hired someone) - no wonder why my house isn't selling! Grrrrr!

Anyway, back to my friends, it's times like these that life is humbling. You aren't there to feed people or hug them or jump up and down or cry so they can see HOW THANKFUL you are. So, in our case, you send 40 text messages.

Guys, you've saved the lives of some in Chicago, Holt and I ...and of course Tristan ...thank you. I don't think I would do well in jail. That bright orange really isn't my color.

Last week nothing eventful other than looking at daycare centers. What a beating - I won't even need one until April or May and people are already telling me that they don't know if they will have room. Who would have known? 3 more next week... and I'll tell you about the other one. It was disturbing but I'm saving judgement until I have something to compare it to!

Other than that... this is the big week. We get our baby furniture this week, so the room will be up and ready when my mom comes on Saturday. We'll be washing baby clothes, folding, all that jazz and then of course she's making her famous sauce so the Barbers and Coggeshalls (- Lon, he's traveling - booooo) will be over for dinner!

I'll post more pictures and fun soon!

My dad sent us Tristan's car seat and I'm SO excited because we have a class soon and needed to have one to learn how to get it in and out of our car. FABULOUS! Now....if we could just get him here for a visit. I'll tempt him with a squiggly little baby...that ought to work!

Holt's mom dropped by yesterday and filled our fridge with food (she didn't like hearing that we ate Ramen noodles)...gotta love moms.... and then she gave us our birthday gifts so I'm off to buy some maternity clothes. If you've seen me lately, then you are thankful! Ha!

Ok, enough babbling for now. Don't even know why I'm posting this other than to say:

1) didn't kill anyone (but SERIOUSLY considered it)
2) humbled by my friends
3) excited to see my mom
4) thankful for my family
5) just cuz...............


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