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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Christmas in September!

How fun is this... we come home from work and there are gifts everywhere!!

I don't know if you can see how cute this little onsie is... but first of's my favorite kind - it has FEET! Also it's monogrammed for Tristan! Thank you Rhonda and Craig for this fabulous little get up. Can't wait to get my litte guy in there!!

We are also pretty dang excited about this tub... it seems idiot proof but knowing me I'll scald my little guy.... I have to be vewy, VEWY, Cawefuuuul! This came from our pals Nancy and Doug Zirkel from Chicago - so fun!! Thanks guys!

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Lee sent us this rockin Booster seat. AND IT TRAVELS!! Who wants to have us over for dinner? Come on... you know you do!! Hopefully this will keep the little guy busy and us from going bananas at the table! Yeah.... right.

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Lee (oh and cousin Zach too) ALSO sent us the Rainforest Jumperoo! I was going to take it out of the box and build it but then I have to clean it like 20 times. Soooo, here it is in all it's glory. God bless Holt, he'll have so much to build in January! Ha!

Below is a picture of the beginning stages of Tristan's room...on the wall we put up his quilt (from my dad - looks so cute!) and the rocker will go below that. Yeah, we're a little tight on space... oh well! On the floor is the cute little matching rug that Michelle Bobart sent us!!

Then here, Holt fixed my attempt at putting up the valances...also from Michelle.... and they look MUCH better than when I did it. And if you could feel them....they are SOOO soft!! AND perfectly matches, Holt, Kimmie & Ruth Ann's paint job!!

Now this is getting fun!

This is the car seat (WHAT A BLESSING) from my dad... it's for Holt's car... and the green is the stabilizer for T's head (I's upside down) and that's from our friends Stacy & Troy Johnson...they live in Miami now but Stac has family in Dallas so we'll get to see her when she visits with Troy, Rowan and Cade! YIPPPEE! Her blog link is on my page... go check her out! Together... we are Romey and Michelle - (Stac, that still makes me giggle!)

Below are 3 little bath towels from the Johnsons too... so cute - I LOVE TIGGER....

and of course... have to have a little Pooh in your life! (I'm about to have a lot and I bet it won't smell like honey!)

Please note the soccer ball below...I'm not pushing but I'm just saying ...

....if soccer is his thing right out of the birth canal...who am I to say?

Ok.... well, this needs some explaining. My sister LOVES Beanie Babies... so what if she's 42... ha! Sorry Kel...

So she sent Tristan her FAVORITE one. His name is Sweetheart. She wrote Tristan this sweet little note... but Holt found comfort in the darn thing. It was hard to pry it away!

The note is there on the bottom right... basically, we had to swear to never give him away and as long as I can keep me OTHER boys away from him... I think he'll be safe in the jungle room with my little monkey T!

I don't know if you can read it but Auntie Kelly is in love with a baby she's never met. She even planned a trip for she and Lee to come and see us for a week in March. Well, I'm no dummy, she's coming for the baby! Ha!

I know it may seem odd to blog about gifts but so many of my friends and family can't come to my shower so I wanted them to see their stuff in action. Well, the action shots will come later when you get picks of Tristan doin' his thing in your gift. I feel sorry for whoever gives me the diaper genie! HA!

I want to make sure that everyone gets "press" and plus, for those of you that aren't here, I like for you to be a part of it all and see all the fun stuff we have!

If I could take pictures of the DRAWERS and BINS of clothes that Kimmie has let us borrow you would be as THRILLED a I am. As you and I know, this is a tight economy and EVERY bit counts so to not have to buy any clothes is HUGE!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you Kimmie for having the wisdom to save it all!

My friend Nicole at work also gave me bags of maternity clothes and is giving me her hand me down clothes. It just so happens she has a friend that gives her sports gear so Tristan will be wearing some Cowboys gear AND NY Giants... oh I'm in trouble for posting that part!!

Wait til you see what he's coming home in.... oh man... SO CUTE!

I have once again managed to avoid getting my body in any photos and for all of you complaining... go have a baby and YOU SHOW THE WORLD YOUR GRANDNESS... I prefer to suffer quietly and battle it out with the mirror. I am not alone.. the preggos I work with and a friend in Chicago all feel the same way so THANKFULLY I do not feel alone!!!

Don't forget to check out Holt's blog link on here too... he's becoming quite the writer and Oh... for those of you that didn't notice... John and Ginger's blog is on here and you can see her new little baby "bump". SHE BARELY looks preggers... I'm gonna go smack her now. Oh yeah, no can do, she's one of my best friends and I may need her to babysit one day! Ha!

Enough chatter... Thank you again to all... we are SO EXCITED!

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