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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Holtie AND Baby Hill!

I've been bad about blogging... I've just been so dang busy. I have lots of pics to post but I just had to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Holtie.

Daniel and Liz (our friends from Chicago) had their little guy... Alexander Hill in Holt's honor! Ok, not really...but it's fun to pretend! 8 lbs 11 oz a...nd was 21.5 inches - wow! That's a baby!!
First shot of little Xander! So sad we aren't there to see you in person little guy. We'll see you soon!!!

Tonight we are headed to dinner with two of our other great friends from Chicago... Phil and Michelle. They are moving and stopping along to Dallas on the way- can't wait!!! I stole their picture from Facebook... :)
That's Bubba...Aslan's best friend. Just don't tell Simba!

Will post more pics tomorrow!!

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