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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hewwo!? Twistan....awww yooou in deeeeewre?

Ok, I couldn't resist... this weekend I flew off to Chicago to visit Natalie Simpson and her two adorable kids. Christian will be 4 in December and Joshy will be 2 in September. Aren't they CUTE!??

I took the pic with my phone so cut me some slack...

Anyway, I held Nat's foot while Christian was being born so I have always had a crazy connection with that little guy but Josh (of course) stole my heart this weekend.

SO quick story... Sunday morning, I'm sitting on the couch with Christian. He says "Aunt Juwee, do you still have a baby in your belly?" and I said "yes! I do!!" and he said "Twistan wight?" "Yes... Tristan". He said "Can I see him?" and I said "Yes, after your birthday in December, he will be born." so he stuck his hand on my belly and pointed at my belly button and said "does he come out of there"? (after laughing) I said "um, maybe..." and then he proceeded to cover my belly button with his mouth and yell "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Twistan!! Awwww yooooou in deeeewre?"

I almost peed my pants. The end.

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