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Friday, August 8, 2008

What a man I have!!

Most days, I realize how blessed I am...but today I came home to a complete surprise and fabulous reminder. As I mentioned, this weekend I was planning on cleaning out LBB's room and then going to get a move on painting it. First I needed a nap!

Before I headed for a snooze, I was quickly filling my dogs water bowl when I realized that their "cookie jar" was sitting there...empty. Why is this odd you might ask? Well, because it's always on the dog crate and when a pooch misbehaves we give a quick "crate up" and off they run to go get in their crate. It's a little baby time out for them and the cookie is because they did as they were asked. Anyway.. as I mentioned, it was empty. Usually I bring cookies IN to fill it, it never makes it way to the kitchen for a refill. So suddenly, I KNEW something was up. Then, I remembered my in-law's had been here. I was on to something.... I ran in LBB's room only to see a completely SPOTLESS, almost empty room. All that was in there was a bassinet and a dresser (that will later be moved) but it currently has baby items set on it. To top it off - IT WAS PAINTED. I almost fell over. It looks so cute! (Yes, I know it's empty but in my mind, I see all the little stuff that will fill it!!) I asked him where all of the "stuff" went and he said in the office closet. Sure is a lot of stuff for that little space.... here's the bedroom and closet.

My boys lounging in LBB's room

closet organizers, compliments of my mom! Idea from my friend Jennifer - great for VERY limited closet space!

The beginning stuffed "safari/jungle" animals...let the collecting begin (someone stop me! If you knew how many I had as a kid - my family bought me a TON!)

a onesie from a friend...

Then, Holt came home. Mind you I haven't seen him in over a week and I was so happy jumping up and down so I ran out and gave him a hug. I asked him when he cleaned out the VERY messy room and he said "Oh, you saw that, how'd you know?" So after explaining my detective skills, I asked him when he did all that. Apparently, he, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law cleaned, moved and painted the room!! Can you believe that? The crazy part is he had oral surgery the other day so he has been in intense pain taking care of it and they chipped in to boot!

SO SWEET! Thank you Bebah, Kimmie and my VERY sweet hubby!

So as Holt and I are sitting in the office (which he moved furniture around in and made it look fabulous) he said reminded me that I'd have to help clean the office closet out this weekend because he shoved everything in there. So I said, "man...I'm scared I have to look!" Here is what I found!!


He organized the entire thing and put shelving in there so I could still use all my Stampin' Up stuff, make cards, and have my own little space to create. SO SWEET!

I know how blessed I am but sometimes you just take life for granted. I adore my husband (99% of the time hee, hee) but it's days like these where I realize how much he loves me and THAT is a gift. Believe it or not, I didn't cry...but you can bet your booties, he can have/do/request anything this week... this baby thing is all right!!!
Talk to you Tues! LBB and family.....

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  1. What a great husband and family you have! That is so sweet...thanks for sharing! I hope you are doing great!!! :)