Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tristan Holt Barber it is!!

Well, it's official...we've got ourselves a boy! Holt wanted to perform the sonogram....! He'd tell me we were having a chicken!

The tech literally TOUCHED my stomach and BAM! LBB was showing his goods! Tech was great..and hilarious!

So as he points out his "part" I said "Man, just like Holt flashing people" which Holt quickly chimed in "I don't FLASH PEOPLE JULIE" - I said "You pee in the backyard" and the tech (with even better timing than Holt says...) "Um, who doesn't?"
This next one...he had two pics in a row and was saying "are you a good boy" and he was flipping back and forth and Tristan's head was nodding "yes, I am...yes I am!"

these are the feet and'll probably have to take my word for it. All fingers and toes are present!
other random parts like and ear..... (only my mom and dad will care about these...hee, hee)

Ok, that's it...we have to go back in 6 weeks for another one because, I'm of... ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE. If they say it to me ONE more time!!!!

Ok, I had to include my favorite quotes from friends who found out about Tristan!

Debby Lane - "I win the bet with the girls"
Carol Taylor - "Congrats to you who couldn't wait 9 months to find out!" (ain't that right!)

Chrissy VanScoy - "Wait a minute, I thought I saw a hamburger bun!!!!"
Jenny Paleczny - "I knew it!!!" (This chick is basically me in another body!)
Lee Kinson (brother-in-law) - "Um they weren't looking at the umbilical cord were they??"
Kimberlee May - "Damn!"
Angela Floyd - "It’s raining men (boys) hallelujah…"
Margie Stadler - "It totally sucks that they block blogs here"

Brigitte Green - "oh my gosh! Yay!! A boy to carry on the "Barber" name :)Little boys are heavenly by the way...they LOVE their mama's!!" (that's right...mama's boy!)
Kimmie Davidson - "Congratulations!! It’s a triple B, Baby Boy Barber! Yeah!!!"

Kristin Durbin - "Shut Up!!! - Really??"
Tracy Poole - "wow! congrats! so its a real boy and not a tom boy!! "

and drum roll please.....

Mark Layman (one of my bosses) - "Can’t wait till he pee’s in your face!"

Man, I love my job............


  1. Congrats Julie and Holt! I have been following your blog since your mom sent me the link. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy! Take care!

  2. Okay, to add on to your boss. Not only will he pee in your face, he will pee all the way across the room and then after you think you cleaned it all up you will step in it! :)