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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothing like 3 years...and the vet!

Well, I'll get to that in a minute... first let me tell you a few things... in order.

The day we found out that Tristan was Tristan and not Kennedy...I came to an AWESOME surprise! My fabulous Aunt Trisha sent me a box. For those of you that don't know her... we are pretty much cut from the same mold. My entire life she has taught me things about etiquette, fashion, tennis....and mostly about business. I remember being about 15 thinking that I would be just like her and when I got older I would have a job that I needed a briefcase for. Fast forward about 10 years...and I did! So, it was HILARIOUS when I opened the box and saw this.... a BABY BRIEFCASE!

The pictures are a little hard to see but basically it holds all the important paperwork and such... it was wrapped in a pink AND blue ribbon, so whichever the baby turned out to be... it covers it! Blue it was! Thank you Auntie T, I'll do my best to keep my little guy organized (and Holt will fight me every step of the way...hee, hee, hee)

First of all I mentioned that I went to see my friend Natalie (Nat to me) and her hubby Brad came here for a boy's weekend with Holt, JJ and Kevin. I had a blast and poor Nat had to answer my 3.2 million baby questions and I was THRILLED that she took to me Target and Baby's-R-Us to pick up some current must have's. My mom will do the run down the list and make sure I like what's on my registry, but Natalie ran around the store with me offering "mom advice" and it was PRICELESS! She of course couldn't contain herself and bought these cute items for Tristan! Man oh man...ADORABLE!!

Ok, so onward we go.... yesterday, August 20th, 2008 was my 3 year anniversary. I CANNOT believe that 3 years ago, on the sunny beaches of Aruba, I married the love of my life. So I woke up a few minutes early... made coffee, set out Holtie's card and his new diaper bag with a note from Tristan. It was cute! Holt woke up and read the card and was excited to see that I was buying him a Papasan chair for the sun room which we have now dubbed the fish/midnight feeding room. Debby Lane (who is pretty much a sister) was working an estate sale a few months ago and there was a 160 gallon fish tank and she sold it to us for $50. It was INSANE. Holt has been so bummed because he knew it would be forever before we could afford one, especially a decent one. Well, now he had one but he was using a lawn chair to sit and look at the fish....hence my gift! Here's a picture of the midnight feeding room... I think the little guy will like it!

**NOTE...the picture above the tank is from my friend Karen Saylor... such an amazing artist!
Isn't it great!? We even have fish!! So anyway...that day, my fabulous husband went grocery shopping to make me my favorite dinner! I came home to Kenny Chesney playing on the iPod, sunflowers on the table, candles lit and cards and gifts on the table. It was awesome! He bought me a bunch of organizing stuff for our kitchen from IKEA so we can spend the weekend getting ready for Tristan! It was SO great. So, off I went to change so we could relax and enjoy the evening. Or so I thought.....

When I came back in the room, Holt had an odd look on his face and said something like "hey, check this out...." He flips Simba over and there it is... a gash in my puppy. I could see some sort of muscle or something below. I didn't pass out, but I thought of it. It was bad. We gave a nod and new it was off to the Emergency Pet Clinic we go.

I'll pass on the really depressing stuff that we saw and heard and just tell that we arrived at 6:25pm only to depart at almost 9pm. Simba came out so jacked up he looked like Bambi (legs spread on the ice) on crack. He was G-O-N-E! Hilarious! They gave my little guys staples in his chest! See!!

After explaining that I was pregnant (like the couldn't tell from the bulging belly...) I explained I had not eaten yet and the two women behind the counter just said "ooooooh" and nodded. They understood. Mama needed FOOD. So, we arrived back home at 9:30pm, Holt made the fastest Chinese food EVER...and it was awesome! We re-lit the candles, turned on the music, poured a glass of wine and chowed on some food! At almost 10pm the vet called and said, ok...come on back down. So we went back (took Aslan for a joy ride this time) and picked up three prescriptions and paid that rotten bill.

So, in a nutshell... it was INTERESTING. I crawled into bed close to 11pm and laughed because the card Holt gave me was SOOOO perfect.....

(take special note of the cat... I don't think
I'll be getting one any time soon!!)

Dinner for two - $50.00
IKEA organizing stuff - $92.00
Papasan chair and stool - $175.00
Vet bill - $353.00
Finding the perfect card for your wife
having NO IDEA how perfect
it would actually be THAT NIGHT......

Man...............I love my life.

The Barber clan over and out......

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