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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bubba meets his Aunt Natalie!!

Natalie has waited as long as she could... her hubby Brad shipped her off to Texas to meet Tristan!! There was a very real possibility, she would have stolen him if I hadn't watched her very closely!!

Nat (as I call her...) has been a friend for a few years now and I swear, she's the kindest soul I've ever known. She's giving, sweet, loving, compassionate and she loves animals more than I do... can you imagine? Oh and did I mention, she's Bulgarian... don't mess with her. ha!

She's a great mom to Christian and Josh as well. Christian is like my "other" child. I was there when she gave birth, as a matter of fact, I held her foot and stands as one of my favorite memories to this day. It was amazing.

We hung out and just laughed and told stories all weekend. It was so fun to have her here and it gave me a little piece of ME back. She quiets my soul, she makes me laugh and without saying much of anything, she just gets me. We talked... a lot... and one thing I love most about her is she calls me to the carpet about my crap. Only a true friend can do that and do it with a hug. It's her delivery that amazes me. She was Christ to me this weekend and boy oh boy, did I need that.

I think I possibly held Tristan twice all weekend, because she couldn't get enough of him. He loves her and they played and played and it was fun to watch. She always told me I'd be a mom... or that I'd be a GREAT mom... so now that I am one... she screeches "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" It's sweet and one of the few times in life I like to admit that I'm wrong. Boy was I ever.. I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!

Sorry it's the same scenario... we just didn't stop to "record" memories much... but as you can see....

Nat loves her little nephew!!

I love you Natalie Simpson...thank you for all of the clothes, thank you for coming, thank you for loving my child like I do. I love you and miss you!!! Maybe someday we'll have twin moving trucks ... hee, hee, hee

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