Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Such a loved little boy!

Grandpa Harold heard that Bubba is getting a sand box so he sent some money to help us build! I ordered Tristan this awesome set... it got great review and looks so cute!

As soon as the city is done ripping up our backyard... we will begin.

Holt is building a sand box and then there will be a little side area in the grass (I think) for the pool that Deb Steiner bought him.

Then our next door neighbors gave us this cool (I can't think of what it's called) thing that's a metal structure with a canopy over the top (to provide shade) and we'll put that over there too under the tree. Then.... we will have a small fence around the area so the dogs can't get in there until we let them. We'll have a poop free zone. YIPPPEEEE

Tristan says THANKS GRANDPA! Can't wait for his little play area because he can almost sit up!!

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