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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Friday, June 19, 2009

He's got teeth but I'm loopy and tired.... zzzzzzzzz

Well, it's official... Tristan is getting his teeth. The little drooler. I tried to take pictures of his little nubs this morning but he fought me all the way. Tristan is NOT a happy boy and I guess if I had a fever, I wouldn't be either!! I'll try again tonight and get a snapshot if he will let me.

Update on my meds... I hate them. Bleck. I am SOOOOO tired and loopy and I can't stop yawning and my eyes are doing something freaky. I'm giving them one more week and if it continues to be this... I'm off. I still don't feel like I need them. I feel like a much better/chipper person when I'm "normal" but what do I know? Maybe I'm a horrid monster who can't see the reality of things. :) Being with John and Ging definitely brought down the stress level so it's an unfair assumption to say the meds are or are not working. We'll see. I just know it has to get better because my bosses are beginning to suspect that Julie has something "different" going on... I'm out of it and I can't afford to be. Period.

I have yet to post the other pics...I think I had 100 to go through and I found my favorite 24 from our weekend with the Smithwicks. I'll do it this weekend, I promise.

Dinner tonight with the Groezingers and tomorrow family pics and dinner with the Snyders... well, that is... if Tristan is feeling better. I don't think I'll try and get him to do anything with a bad fever and being totally fussy. My mom says there was no consoling me when I was getting my teeth... hopefully he's again more like his daddy!!!

Holt is at the spa right now getting a massage. We don't have any money for Father's Day gifts so I decided to give him my gift certificate that was given to me for Mother's Day... yippeeee - hopefully my boy is happy and relaxed!!!

More pics to come tomorrow! xoxo

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