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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thursday with Grandpa - and a quick trip to the Kinsons

We woke up on Thursday and Tristan and I were NOT doing well. Our noses were like Niagara Falls and oh my oh my... I WAS SICK!

Here is Tristan with my sister... Aunt Kelly to him. We were hoping to get some sun but it was cold so we headed out

After he hung out with his cousin Zach of course...

then we popped over to the Poole's house to meet Aunt (Ya-Ya) Tracy (who refused to be photographed because she just got back from the lake with the Ya-Ya's)
So I snagged a shot of Kripper, Tracy's sister... who I've known most of my life and love!!

That night we headed over to Grandpa's house for Piccarillo's pizza and salad 0 MY FAVORITE AUBURN FOOD. Oh my gosh it was good.
Grandpa hanging with the little man....... one of my favorite pics of the week... too cute!

Then Grandpa fed the unhappy...then VERY happy little man!

See what I mean?

then Bubba was hangin' with Daddy.....

he was then prepped for his photo shoot... hee, hee

then he went to school and Grandpa taught him all about grass and leaves...

Then it was time for recess....(Cut me some slack, I was VERY sick and VERY ugly)

Flying lessons...

Then his riding lessons!

Food arrived.... we were pooped! And hungry!!

and needed a rest......

Finally it was time to go - Tristan was getting VERY tired. BUT my dad had a surprise... JUST... FOR... ME!!!

We drove through town and then past Weedsport only to come upon a farm with ....
drum roll please..........
ALPACAS! Never heard of them? Me either but they ROCK! I apologized for trespassing and they invited me in to pet them. ALL 22 OF THEM! Oh my gosh, I almost died I was so excited.

they have the BEST haircuts and are so stinkin' sweet and cute - unless they kick or spit on you but I didn't have that problem... they loved me.
I want the Alpaca that doesn't spit on you and I want it NOW!!!!! (name that movie - hee, hee)

the brown one was so curious and sweet - he followed me everywhere I go. I LOVED HIM!!
Hey Holt... I think Aslan and Simba would love him - what do you think Holtie? Hee, hee, hee

So I don't have pics but I mustered up enough energy to meet my sister and Lee for a drink then we went to meet the Ya-Ya's and the rest of my old friends at Tinkers. I had no voice, was chowing on Halls like there was no tomorrow. Sick, sick, sick. Tristan was home with my mom and he was still very sick too but his antibiotic was kicking in and he was getting better. Poor little man!!
Once again, I dragged my hubby back home and called it an early night. No more Ya-Ya's for me. :( So sad. But, there was always tomorrow - right? Right. Or so I'd hoped.
I have my pics on the other camera and I'm out of time so for now, this is all the blogging I can do. To be continued next Monday when I get back to Texas. Friday Tristan met ALL the Ya-Ya's and met all the friends from my class and even some of their kids. Then, we hit Tinkers for a whopping 2 hours. Today, we saw Aunt Trisha (Auntie T, you'll have to send me a few pics to post) and then tonight is our dinner dance. Holt went golfing with all of my friends today so it's been a long one for him. Tomorrow is breakfast with my mom and dad, then the Great Race, then I have a little surprise for my hubby as long as it doesn't rain. May the weather gods be on my side!!
Barber over......and out........

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