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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah for family!!

This is my step-sister - Tristan's Aunt Alleyne and her kids Maddy and Michael - they are just meeting their cousin Tristan. Alleyne and I when we were young played with a ton of Smurfs and bought each other some for Christmas.

She couldn't help but to get one for Tristan...

The Smurf and Baby big Bird became good pals... TOO CUTE! Oh and the hat.. it says class of '89 and it was an absolute coincidence... that I graduated in '89 and it's my 20-year reunion!

Here is Mr. T in his new hat. I could barely get him to smile because he was so sick. We went to the Dr. that morning and BAM - DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. Sucks. Oh and did I mention... I am sick as a dog too. Lovely....

Trying to get him to smile... NOT happening!!

My Aunt Jeanne and John arrived ready for my mom's fabulous food. My Aunt is absolutely IN LOVE with Tristan so she bee-lined straight for him. TOO CUTE!

Soon after Alleyne and the kids left.... Aunt Kelly came and holy cow, I thought she was going to eat him. She was SO excited to meet her nephew! She never thought she would be an Aunt because Lee's sister Flur lives in England and I'm not sure they are sure she will have kids. Never say never... Tristan is living proof of that!

Then Tristan hung out with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Lee...

and got some one-on-one time with our resident Brit ... and lee somehow brought out a smile from my sick little man.

Then... it was THAT time... Tristan tried his first (smashed up) meatball and some sauce.... my mom stood over the table saying "please don't spit it out, please don't spit it out" - it was hilarious...


My sister and I laughed our butts off for about 20 minutes... it was greatness - I NEEDED to laugh - Thanks SISSY!!

Here's Holtie and my sis, mom and my almost 21 year old nephew Zach - WHERE HAS TIME GONE!? I remember him when he was Tristan's age. ugh

These two were great sports, we took about 20 of these pictures because I didn't have the memory stick in my camera. OOPS..hee, hee, hee

They got very serious...very quickly.. too cute! If Lee hadn't left so early - this would have been a threesome I can promise you that. My brother-in-law is nuts!

Well, the family packed off and headed home and my plans to head out to the lake to begin my Ya-Ya weekend failed. I was SO sick. SO SICK. I wasn't sure the z-pack was working but I knew that if I planned on doing ANYTHING with ANYONE this weekend... I needed sleep.
Poor Holt... Fun Day #1 comes to a screeching halt... to sleep we went. Boooooooooooooo
BUT - YEAAAAAAAAAAH for family!!!

PS - As I type this... My mom is giving Tristan a bath and it is so stinkin' fun to hear him SCREECHING with laughter and her too... music to my ears. My family is in love all over again!! Thank you Lord!

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