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Friday, July 24, 2009

A lotta life and a little tattoo

Well, today marks the 5th VERY hard phone call I've received this week. One more set of friends that are headed for divorce. Holt and I are hoping that this is just a "thing" that can be worked out but SHEESH... ENOUGH ALREADY!

We have SO many friends that are struggling...heck, we are struggling. Holt and I rarely have BAD days... but we had one and we're working it out. That's what I love about us. When it's icky... it's ICKY BUT I know he's not going anywhere. I'm sure there are moments where he thinks "what have I gotten myself into with this crazy chick" BUT even when he's mad at at his wits end, he still makes sure that I know he loves me. I'm not so good at that, I like him to "suffer" a little but I force myself to apologize because I DO mean it and I DO want to but I'm horribly stubborn. Usually though, the good in me wins out.

My Aunt had surgery on Tuesday. She is doing SO well... except for today... they had to take her back in and do a little damage control. I know she's ok but I just HATE that she had to have surgery... again... 2 days later. YUCK! She was supposed to go home today... oh well, I guess maybe tomorrow. This is her Caring Bridge site that I am writing. I have to tone it down a touch though... she's a touch more... well, careful with her writing than I am naturally. As you know, I'm a blabber.

My friend Leslie is doing well... she's just gearing up for more "stuff" to be done. Her birthday is comin' up and they are throwing her a big old party. I WANNA GO!! Boooo! Well, I can't because I'll be in Charleston in a few months and I can't afford another trip. Sad to miss BUT hoping that God's timing is involved in this and that when I DO go... it's the perfect time for me to see her. Her site is linked here... Warriors Wear Pink... you should read her writing - it's amazing. Her latest post got me thinking... I've been talkin' about a tattoo for years... I've been on a search for the perfect one... and I still don't know - BUT...

I'm getting one. I'm getting one soon. I saw one on my friend Wendy, it's under her hair on the back of her neck and it rocks. I mean, the bad thing is I won't be able to see it but it's a cool place to get one. There are MANY things that mean a lot to me... like drama faces... but all that I've seen are freaky. I love my son and have toyed with something about him - if he were from another country I would soooo steal Angelina Jolie's idea and get his longitude/latitude... I think that rocks. A cross has always been something I wanted. I really, really wanted one with a crown of thorns and I still may get that but some of them are creepy. So I'm on a hunt and I'm gonna get one. Maybe I'll find the perfect one that reveals the drama of me... all 38 years (who's counting) - I'm not sure if ONE thing can portray that but know... I'm looking and I'm goin' for it. Warriors Wear Ink... I'm on the front line Lester... so I'm joining you very, very soon!

Off to journal, think and pray... my mind is filled with concern for so many, my heart is broken because I miss my friends so much and wish I were closer. It literally HURTS some days because while I love my friends here... I have a heart-BOND with a few of you that are miles and miles away and it's days like today that I'd give ANYTHING... ok, not ANYTHING but close to it... to be with you - just sitting, saying nothing, and feeling COMPLETELY understood.

Off to have a glass of red wine... cheers to you Arlene, Lester, Jenny, Tracy x2, Chrissy, Nancy, Treva, Lisa, Debbie, Ginger, Liz, Deb, Margie, Audi, Nat, Bub, Stacy, Sarah, MiBo, Ash, Brig, Carol... and so many more... with all of my heart... I MISS YOU........

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