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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tristan (FINALLY) meets Carter... well, in person that is!

So... this is Durby... Kristin that is. She and I worked together at Balfour Beatty. Oh how I miss her! She found out she was preggers and after the shock I mocked her .... little did I know... dum, duh, dum, dum, DUMB!!! I was preggers too.

Kristin met Tristan a while back so to her surprise, he's grown, just a touch!

This is her little munchkin... Carter. Tristan and Carter - met... well, belly met... I mean they were both sloshing around wreaking havoc on our ribs so in some way they have a sneaky little connection that we will never quite understand.

Carter and Mommy........ TOO CUTE!!

This is the boys with Trenton, Durb's older son. He's 5 and he's a heart breaker and if I could get away with it... I'd steal him. The kid will chat you up about anything. He's FABULOUS... last time I met him he wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. Kristin broke his heart and told him I was married. Thanks a lot Durb, way to ruin my future prospects!

So the boys were hangin.... and I was feeding Tristan some sweet potatoes. Carter saw it and crawled right over. He's no dummy... he knew what was in that plastic container!!!

Tristan, in his normal way was like "food, what food? Who cares... I like this shiny SPOON!"

Tristan was in a bit of a food coma I think... but Carter... he's no dummy, he was looking for a container FULL of food... not with scraps!

Durb kinda reminded Carter "You just ate honey"... so he decided that the "empty" container didn't look so empty after all. I mean, come on, look at those thighs... then look at my skinny little light weight. Yes, Carter is almost 2 1/2 months older than Tristan but my little man doesn't eat... and in this photo - it shows!! He does love the spoon though! LOL~

They are both working on their own "problems here" Tristan is juuuust mastering getting the spoon into his mouth but when he got it in... it was ... well.. BORING... NO FOOD!

By this point, if I snapped one more picture, they were both going to lose it. This was the end of our play date... hugs were exchanged... then into the car we went. Tristan passed out the moment he got into my hot stinkin' car... I don't have air in the back... POOR BUBBA!

I miss you Durb, great seeing you, kissin' on your kids and let's do that more often... my house... SOON!! xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. LOL. I love the thigh comparison. We should have taken a close up of their legs!! ::Snicker::

    I had fun. :)