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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So we did this photo shoot....and it cost ME $20

Valerie asked Holt and I if we would do her a favor... model. Oh boy.... well... I won't go into the entire story (and the entire story is MUCH funnier).... but needless to say, I couldn't fit into any of my clothes. So, after dropping Tristan to Connie (and borrowing $20, we BOTh forgot our wallets), we met Val at Kohl's and purchased some clothes. Interesting is all I'll say. I felt like a bad rendition of Jackie O. Lovely.

So after frying out butt's off (LITERALLY) it was over 105 degrees... we changed clothes and headed off to the next location.

There was one small problem.. on the way in (in this dress)... my flip flop caught a piece of a concrete step. My hands and arms were full of, etc and ...


I hit the concrete. With my eye........ So I laid there... as Val opened the door and was trying so hard not to laugh and my hubby chuckling saying "DOODLE, WHAT HAPPENED?" as I lay there on the ground.

I have to tell you, I didn't even have time to be embarrassed, I thought it was SO funny.. I just laughed and laughed and laughed... then iced my eye, bandaged my knee, redid my makeup and then took this pic.

All was well until I had a screaming headache all night long. Then at work when I tried to use the PC, it was getting fuzzy and i was dizzy. Off to my doc I went. So after an exam, some x-rays and a $20 copay.... I went home..not broken, just bruised and still... laughing. :)

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