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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Church and more!

On Sunday, we got up and poor Chrissy was sick! Josh got the kids ready and off the 8 of us went! We met my Lester and her hubby Rhett and kids...and Ash and her two kids at Seacoast. it was awesome!

I saw my old Pastor, Greg Surratt and Michael Morris. Both of their jaws dropped as I approached and said who I was. Hey, a lot changes in 7 years - plus I'm brunette and have a baby in my arms... that's a lot!

After church Tristan desperately needed a nap so back to the house and when he woke up we were off to the Norris'!

Tracy and Fred have been my mentors from the day I said yes to my faith. They have been through ups and downs, and have stood by me thick and thin. I have loved their children like they are my own and to see who they have become today... heck, that just shows you who Fred and Tracy ARE. And that........ is fabulous.

This is Tracy......

Keating showed us a video of him singing and it was awesome... then Julia Ann (Ju Bug as I call her) jumped on the piano and played and sang something she wrote. I cried my eyes out.. I mean tears streamed down my face and I could cry again now. They are beautiful and I love them so very much.

Good ole' Freddy boy chattin' with Holt!

Tristan was getting hungry and I completely spaced on what time it was. Mr Fussy was just Mr. Hungry - sorry Norris family!!

He got a little ball from Mrs. Tracy and he looooooved it!

Family photo!

Too sweet!!!

So I jumped in! I think I'm happy........

Mr. T looks hungry doesn't he? Oops!

Off to see Lester and the gang we go...........

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