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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, we met up with my niece Brooke (I call her Schnookie, she now goes by Amber Brooke - her given name) and her daddy Wayne (my ex husband's brother) I know that may be confusing but read again, you'll catch on!

I haven't seen either of them in years but have been in touch via Facebook and it's been great! I have known Brooke most of her life..... she is even MORE fabulous today than she was the last time I saw her and I am SO proud of the woman she is becoming. There is a chance she'll be on American Idol this January......... I mean, I don't know for sure, I can just say there is a chance...... and IF she is, you don't want to miss it. Trust me!!

As she walked closer I heard "Gooooooooooooooooooolie!!!!" - that's what she and my step-kids used to call me. I don't like saying "step" but it's confusing if I don't... so anyway... she came flying up to me and hugged me so tight and then (as most everyone does) was like - whatever - GIVE ME THAT BABY!! ha! It was awesome... she's a natural and Tristan loved her!!

Here's Wayne jumpin' in the photos too! We were at a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel, it was beautiful and truly one of the best views of the city.

Daddy doing some arm curls with the little man... he loved it!

We had just attempted to get on a carriage ride. We made it about 15 minutes and then Tristan had enough! He was hot, bored and began to roar. So, we jumped off and walked...... A LONG WAY - no stroller... and it was HOT... so pardon how sticky and sweaty I am but here I am with my Schnook!

We only had about an hour with them because we needed to get back and get ready for our date. It was awesome seeing both of them and truly, for ME personally... it was life changing. Brooke looked right at me and said "You were the person I most looked up to when I was little, you were the person I wanted to be like" - it was bitter sweet because she deserved a PERFECT mom (which I know none of us are, certainly NOT me) but so wonderful that I made even a slight difference in her world. God used that moment to cement something for ME.... that my past served a purpose and it was NOT a waste.

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