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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, well, there are times in life when you find a great friend... ya know, the one that "gets you"...the one that you can say anything to and they don't misunderstand you. The one that you can sit next to and not say a word and it's not awkward... I have that with my ya-ya's..but I've known them my WHOLE LIFE. They knew from the beginning that they were stuck with me so I think they just dealt with it.

Well, it's a lot harder to make friends as an adult especially ones that "stick". Introducing Deb Steiner. We met a few years back at Bible study and she was adamant to be the most quiet, reserved person on the planet and I think she was convinced she wasn't going to like any of us. Well, that was all the challenge I needed. I told her from the get go... you are gonna loooove me and you are gonna like it! Ha! It took me a while but she loved me. Ha... told you Steiner.

Anyway, in all seriousness, she has been the friend that I can call anytime I feel like it, and cry or complain ridiculously and she just listens. Then, she shoots me straight. She'll say:

You are right because....
You are wrong because...
That's ridiculous - PERIOD
Have you been drinking?
That's ok BUT...
How can I help?
or... she'll just listen.

No matter what I have griped about, especially if it's about Holt... she has loved US BOTH in the process, never judging him but always offering some clarity and ALWAYS encouraging me to love him (or YOU if I was calling her about YOU- ha!) but to deal with my feelings and then to find a resolution. She offers balance and a strange calming effect so I don't feel insane and I feel like what's ahead of me is manageable.

She's just THAT friend. When I said I wasn't having kids... she never barked at me, never questioned me... never said "YES YOU WILL!"... and then when I got pregnant, there was no "I told you so" it was simply.... "wow, are you ok?" THAT meant more to me than anything. She's that person. She's also very reserved and not one to be pushed... she talks in HER time, she shares in HER time and in HER way and I respect that about her. Always have and always will.
Can you tell I love her? You should see her little guy Seth... LOVE HIM. Maggie is her fabulous dog and I can't talk about her kitty... I loved her kitty.
So, that's Deb in a nutshell. Why am I blogging this? Well.... Deb being Deb.... goes and does THIS:
Last night Auntie Deb sent Tristan a little gift.... I have been contemplating a lot about Tristan and where he will sleep. Obviously I'd like to have him in the room BUT we want to have him safe and also we want him at some point to be a regular crib sleeper so that we can have our own life. We were talking about whether or not to bring our pack and play in our (cramped) room ...blah, blah...blah! So, Deb and I, long ago, talked about the moses baskets and how she loved it and it worked so well with Seth. Then we said it's better than a bassinet because you don't actually MOVE the baby... you move the basket and he just comes along! PLUS, it fits IN our pack and play so I can keep him away from the dogs until our big boys learn manners with our little guy. Anyway, Deb and I discussed and then that was that.
Until last night... look what arrived in the mail....

So.... I love my ridiculously generous friend for a thousand reasons... always have... always will... then she goes and handles my last pregnancy worry... thanks Steiner. I love you., if you could only PROMISE that my water won't break in my bosses office.. you would be STELLAR!! And it's HER birthday in 8 days... SHEESH. xoxo

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  1. Awwww!! Awesome!! That is so unbelievably cool. I love her too vicariously through you. So... um... if you read this, hello Deb. :) There. Awkwardness over.

    Seriously though, good friends like that are hard to come by. I'm glad you have the group of them. I've heard so much about them and they sound great. And you deserve them. ::Insert cheesey inspirational song here::