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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ice, ice baby.... breastfeeding and more!

Well, Holtie had a little wart on his finger and had to have it FROZEN off on Tuesday. Poor guy! He was in a ton of pain and totally not prepared for the mean dermatologist! It just happened to be the day of our breastfeeding class... so he was on Tylenol with codeine and God bless him... he made it through 50% of our class! Thankfully, Kimmie went with us and took notes, and was a great listener... so if and when I get "stuck" she can help. The ironic thing was... Kimmie had her FOOT frozen for a wart she had on there the day before. What are the chances of that?

Let me tell you this... breastfeeding appears to be VERY HARD. I mean, I just thought, you just kinda go for it and it's natural... yeah, what's natural is frustration, poor latching, soreness, cranky baby and a very frustrated mama. Oh well... I feel prepared and ready for what is to come and whether or not it goes perfectly, it doesn't matter. I will be "whining"to those who have gone down this road before and NOT talking about it with those that will just say "Oh,... give up and go for the bottle" I WANT THIS TO WORK and I am determined. And trust me, when I set my mind to something... it's utterly impossible that I fail. Pun intended... man, I love using that word! ha!

Ok, off I go... oh and I love my family...........warts and all!

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