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Friday, December 5, 2008

As Mark would say...You so biiiiiiiiiiig!

Well, here I am in all my glory. Margie, Kel...hopefully this will make you happy. I know it will make my mom smile. For the rest of you, I apologize in advance!

My boss Mark saw Madagascar 2 and said that the dude hippo looooves the chick hippo and that's his line..."Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, you so biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig"

Of course, it was funny and then the next day as I'm driving through McDonalds picking up my Happy Meal - Cheeseburger with no onions and extra pickle.... I open it up and to no surprise at all... I GET THE HIPPO. Hilarious. And the funny thing is she says : "I know that's right!" in only a way that a VERY LARGE hippo can say.

I'M GINORMOUS.................... but 5 weeks away (hopefully) xoxo - Jul

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  1. girl... puh-lease. it's weird, after pregnacy you can look at other pregnant people and acutally think they are adorable. i think you're super cute. i pity your misery, but your are so cute. now if i could only rub your tummy without asking first...