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Monday, December 15, 2008

YEHAAAAAW, it's a company Christmas party!

Well, Saturday night was Balfour Beatty's unusual company Christmas party. We went to Gilly's (usually dresses, band, etc.) ... a local country bar here and I have to say, I didn't think it would be very fun. Fantastic band and FANTASTIC food and drinks. Holt ordered me up the Shirley Temples (with extra cherries) and kept 'em comin'! Man... he loves me.

I was having a grand old time when I heard them exclaim... ARMADILLO races in 45 minutes. "WHAT - did they say ARMADILLOS?" Well, just so you are all well aware, I have only seen one while driving a few times and ever since I drove from Charleston to LA, I have wanted to see one up close and personal.

I literally BEGGED the man to let me touch one. He said "Just bend over the glass wall and pet one" I exclaimed "But Sr., I am OVER 9 months pregnant, I don't bend" (flutter eyelashes, big cheesy grin and as much southern charm that I could muster... more fluttering of the eyelashes) and into the pen I went. See below... I GOT TO PET THEM ALL! YIPPPPPEE

Below is Quesadilla and Van Gogh (he had one ear)... there were two more.. one I can't remember his name and the other H. Ross Burrow (Perot) ha!

They are soft and sweet and cute... no matter what anyone says. I loved them and learned all about their vet shots/records, history, etc... I am full of armadillo knowledge!

My boss Robert was in the race and won of course! It was HILARIOUS!

Then......Suddenly.... I noticed... Holt went missing. Yes...MISSING. Where oh where could he be? Oh yes... I think I over heard SOMEONE say something about POKER.....

Here he is - at the tables! They gave us "monopoly" money and he had the time of his life. He didn't LOVE (or fare so well at) the Texas Hold'em table... I think Kristin and Scott handed him his bootie... so he moved over to craps. I'll tell you what... once his table came alive so did he. At one point I said, "Honey, I'm getting tired, it's 10pm" and my (normally) very understanding, sweet, I'll do ANYTHING for you hubby slapped me on the arm and said "Suck it up woman, how about a Jack and Coke for your hubby?" - then threw the dice. It was awesome. He was having the time of his life and that gave me two more hours of energy, I was SO happy that he was having so much fun. Layman left and gave him his chips, my friend Rebecca and her hubby left and gave me their chips and money so Holt was all set.

Below are the girls from my office. After the tables were closed, we all gathered to see who won the flat screens, wii, etc.... chips cashed in = tickets... then you put them in a bucket and go for it. Holt kept my friend Jason Bentley at the craps table about 2 hours after his wife expected him home...BUT ... thankfully, after Holt and Jason split chips and tickets... JASON WON THE FLAT SCREEN. So as he told me this morning, being 2 hours late really isn't "trouble" when you have a free flat screen in hand! ha! I would have been "over it" very quickly too!

This is Corey, Loni, Durby and me on the bottom... once again, my head is HUGE. Love it... oh and to the right - the guy in the white with plaid checks... that's David... he got me my job here at BBC... so give him a YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAW!

Got home and in bed close to 1am. Tired beyond words but it was VERY fun! Thanks BBC!

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