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Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm awake, I may as well post some pics!

Well, yesterday was just an "at home" day for us with a long list of chores. I think we got a couple done and a couple more started....

This was Holt's main project. Our landscaping or lack thereof... was driving us nuts. It was just a few little bushes against the front of our house so Holt decided to smother the grass and add our compost bin stuff, newspaper, cardboard (we are VERY green - hee, hee) and then add some mulch. We will be adding a tree and a bench to sit on and at some point a tire swing for Tristan... that is if we still live here. So, the bench and tree for sure. Have to up our curb appeal!

I thought I would be able to help but it's hard because everything I tried to do was in front of me and for obvious reasons.....

Holt took a break to get some Nugget time....

So cute.........

He was trying to look at Tristan and make the same face as him. Very funny Daddy!

Holtie loves his boy........


He was just hangin'

We did a baby workout after this... I'll try and post. It was funny!

Tristan is now starting to kiss with his mouth open.... so Holt was bringin' him in for a smooch (not to eat him as it may appear)


Finished front yard... well... now we need the bench and tree... so Phase I complete! Nice work Holtie!

I at least started sanding the table and I have to finish and then paint. I need another Sunday or holiday Monday!!

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