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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dr. C & T

Well, I went to counseling today... and I gotta tell you... I love Dr. Chandler. He is just a guy's guy...and his name is Guy! LOL

Anyway, so I could just relax and talk... he held my sick little boy and rocked him and hugged on him, it was just too cute!
Now, I'm off to process and then have a good old cry while Tristan (hopefully) sleeps. He hasn't slept at all today and that isn't good because he looooves to nap. I haven't napped either. So work tomorrow is gonna be ugly.
I'm gonna pray, cry and get stuff ready to Tristan's bath and hopefully dinner. He hasn't eaten much today either (I assume it hurts him) and every time he coughs it breaks my heart because he cries afterwards because it hurts to cough. Ugh. A mother's heart I know....
Thank you Lord for Dr. C.............. he makes me smile on the inside. And he tells me I'm not crazy. I've got him fooled - ha! I don't know how people live without counseling!!!
I have a date with my tissue box...gotta run :)

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  1. Are you ok? You know, you can always come cry on my couch for free. :)


    Blogging is my counseling. I have a secret blog where I vent and write all the nasty things I think and the things I'm afraid of and even admit my insecurities. I know, who'd think that I have insecurities being as wonderful as I am, but it's true. ::snicker::

    I miss you!