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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trying not to worry

So, Tristan has been coughing... a lot. Sneezing... a lot... and his nose has had lots and lots of boogies. So, I'm watching him like a hawk and nightly I ask myself.. "should I go to see Dr. Katz?" I haven't been worried..but today..well, he just won't eat.

He woke at 5am, ate 6oz, then went to see Ms. Bertie at 7am. He wouldn't eat until 4:30pm. This has become a habit... and then when he gets home, between 56 & 8pm he gulps down cereal, fruit and 3 bottles, it's insane.

Tonight you saw the pics...cereal went down well but he fought me on the bottle. He took 2 ounces then pitched a fit. So, into the tub he went, into jammies, we played a little and then I gave him the other 3 & 1/2. Then, to bed he went. At 8pm I woke him up and gave him another bottle 75% milk, 25% formula....(making sure he gets enough nutrients) and he drank 3 out of 6 oz. Not only do I wonder if he's ok...I"m wondering if I have to toss what he didn't eat. I hope not... that milk is liquid gold and that formula ain't cheap!

Plus, on top of it all, I think I'm getting sick. My throat is killing me. Gargle, gargle, gargle like my mom and dad always told me. So I did... still KILLS. But good news, I went to my annual doc appt today and got a 100% perfect check-up. WHEW! If I'm lucky, I'm not getting strep. If T's lucky... he's not sick because let me tell ya, he's not looking/sounding so good. Ugh.

Work has been very stressful and I have not handled it as well as I could. I am TRYING but some days my hormones get the best of me. When will this all end? Ugh..being female bites sometimes.

So, here I sit, having a glass of wine and about to go to bed and read. I want today to end and I want tomorrow to come. Please God, let me have tomorrow because ending on today would SUCK!

For those that read, please pray for Tristan... I know at some point he'll get a cold and I'll have to deal with it. Just hoping it's not today. The dogs are at my in-laws and for some reason I don't feel safe. So, tomorrow Aslan comes back home. We have demo in our backyard... oh yeah... I'll post those pictures next. Crazy stuff!!!

I'm out......... too tired to blog.

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