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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

When Daddy is gone... things are a tad more difficult

Let me start off by saying Holt is in Puerto Rico currently wining and dining with James... the work begins tomorrow so I'll feel sorry for him Wednesday, but for today... well.. today I just wish he were working HERE. Everything is harder when he is gone.

So today was a big day for me. I decided to return 4 outdoor chair cushions and an umbrella to Home Depot (we couldn't afford them so we are taking them back - OUCH-maybe NEXT Mother's Day) and I also returned the new baby monitors we bought because our tv monitor is on the fritz, we have to send back for a replacement and the monitor eats up all of our batteries so we were trying to get one with rechargeables.

Anyway.... the returns went well. Tristan is the easiest kid on the planet. He was a big hit at Home Depot too, lots of ooooo's and aaaaah's at him. Then off to Babies-R-Us and we returned, bought formula and cereal and back home we went.

It was fun, but man, it's a workout. I don't know how my friend Jenn did it with twins. Her husband and boys came over today to borrow my hiking gear and all I could think of was... HOW do you do it with two? Sheesh.

Anyway... I then decided it would be a good idea to walk the dogs. I didn't have anyone to take a picture... so I took one of us in the mirror. It's bad but you can at least get the point.

Then of course.. I had the two beasts in front of me. Seriously, it was like a walking circus. I did it.. TWICE... and no one died. This was HUGE. Only bad thing was, I forgot sunscreen on my little man's arms so I was panicked.
Now... imagine how "interesting" it was picking up dog poop at this point. Yeah...not fun but I did the sideways move where EVERY inch of me BUT my hand went one way towards the dogs and then the hand grabbed the poop and then into a SECOND bag it went to keep it away from my sweet boy. Not pretty and not fun. My neighbors kept saying "WOW... do you want to walk MY dog too" - I laughed but silently I was letting Aslan eat them from the ankle up.
Tomorrow the pooches are off to my in-laws because our backyard is being ripped up by the city. Apparently, we have some man hole or something back there that they need access to and our fence goes past it. Oh well.. at least they will "till" the land a bit. They are putting it back with new grass and all so maybe it will be an improvement, that area is pathetic.
So, as of tomorrow, it will be Tristan and I solo until Thursday when Daddy returns.
May work not be too nuts, may my child like his new formula and may the pooches NOT drive my in-laws insane. God help us all. :)

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