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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Almost Mother's Day

I think I love him.....

My friend Trish gave me this awesome baby carrier - Tristan LOVES it!

Anyway...onto my Mother's Day weekend....
Well, today was very fun! Ms. Connie (my friend from work) is in love with my son. She's in love with yours too. Or daughter actually... what? You haven't met... oh silly, silly you, that doesn't matter. Connie is a baby magnet and loves ALL kids! I wish I took pictures - shoot!
Well, she and her hubby, mom and 3 kids kept Tristan for a few hours and Holt and I decided to run around and check out Lowe's and Home Depot. James and Sue gave us their old patio furniture and we were thrilled! We have to sand off the old black paint and a little rust and we'll repaint and have new patio furniture! That stuff is VERY expensive so this was awesome!

That was bad lighting so here it is a little further away. We are getting the umbrella tomorrow... the one we brought home we don't like so you can see that later!

For Mother's Day - Holtie is buying me a double swing. We may get it tomorrow so I'll post it but he was so awesome! It's a swing that 3 people can sit in OR it can lay down - kind of like a futon bed. So, when we build Tristan's sand box and his little pool, I will have some place to sit and watch him. Or a place to relax and read. It's awesome and I am so thankful that my sweet husband is SO good at planning backyard fun!!

Then, my friend Sue from Chicago sent me this awesome frame. It has our names all over it - what a thoughtful idea!! THANK YOU SUE!!!

This is a card from Aunt Sue and Unkie... so sweet... I got two cards!! Well, I have one from my mom but I'm saving that until tomorrow. *GRIN*

This card is from my Aunt Jeanne and my Uncle Johnny... aw, shucks... I'm so loved!

We will be heading to church tomorrow and we're hitting the early service to hang with our friends. Then, Holt has to work so I will spend the afternoon with my 3 boys waiting for Holtie to come home. Later in the afternoon we will head over to my in-laws for dinner and then back home for a quiet evening before returning to work. Monday is a fun work story... remind me to tell you ;)
Happy Almost Mother's Day to me. Tomorrow... I think I'll tell my son JUST WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HIS MOM. I feel a tear or two coming on. Anyone have a tissue?

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