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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm a Grinch!

Well, last night I fell asleep at about 9pm.. typical these days. "Aunt" Debby and "cousin" Alyssa snuck over and had a surprise for me! They walked in with a tier of gifts... I was asleep so sorry there is no picture but it was 3 purple wrapped boxes and then 2 white packages all tied with ribbons! Our sweet friends decided to go maternity shopping for me! Debby made me laugh because she said she remembered how it felt to have her old maternity stuff and in the last 2 months you are SO SICK of the same old, same old. Amen to that.... those clothes are a beating! Thank you for remembering!!!

I know, I know... I look soooo snotty... I was a total Grinch and I was VERY sleepy. Never wake a sleeping lion! I was VERY grouchy so it took me a while but finally, my (hopefully) normal self kicked in and the we just laughed and chatted for a while.

a few of the notes attached....

Here is Alyssa trying on some maternity jeans - she is so tiny!! My hero.....

Debby and Holt had a glass of wine together and then Alyssa filled me in on the details of tonight. Her birthday party. YES, SHE BOUGHT ME GIFTS the day before HER birthday. Talk about a selfless family. Plus, they can't wait to babysit and I am so thankful they live 5 short miles down the street. When I'm half insane, sleep deprived and ready to jump.... they'll be here.

Oh and of course.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA!!!!

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