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Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend fun

Well, here are a few pictures that I promised!! And no, there are none of me... too bad... I no longer fit in the lens - we'd have to do a panoramic and I'm not interested.

The first is Davis... we put a tiara on him... sometimes I just can't help myself.......

We didn't get the camera out until Saturday and Jenny and Aaron had already left. BOOOOO! I'll snap'em next time!
James and Davis are very sweet together, I love this picture.

and of course the whole Jones clan roasting up some marshmallows - YUM!

Then we have Uncle Holtie... he plays and plays and plays with the kids and it's so darn cute. Man, he is going to be a great dad!

and no weekend would be complete without my two other boys................ and they are in the kitchen on clean-up duty. Imagine that :O)

Grace ate a few too many of these and had a belly ache....

Here is James' fire.......... it was quite impressive...and WARM!!!

Holt was flipping the kids all over the place and I wish I had a picture of Davis dancing. It was GREAT! Nothing better than watching a little kid bounce his bootie to the music!

Then time to chill by the fire.... Aslan put himself to bed, he had enough of the weekend but we just sat and talked... until 9pm, then I went to bed.... James was first "man down" but sadly at 9:30pm, I said... goodnight Sue, goodnight Grace... and heard "Goodnight Uncle Julie" (that's what she calls me....hilarious) and I officially became my Grandpa! HA!

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