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Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday all!

I just got done reading my friend Kristin's blog (her link is to the left). I'm so happy that she has "gone before me" ...twice. But Trenton was 5 years ago so I like that she has new little Carter as a refresher. She keeps me sane. I mean, she just candidly posted that I will NOT fit back into my size 4 (ok fine, 6) jeans when I leave the hospital. Crap! I shed a small tear *SIGH* and then just carried on. Her boob comment though... that frightens me. I will say no more for fear of freaking my dad out when he reads this.

We are off to the lake today. James, Sue, Grace, Davis, and our friends Aaron and Jenny are heading out there with me and my boys. It's gonna be cold as crap but it'll be fun to play games and hang out. I'll post some pictures when we return.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and Tristan is doing great. Dr. J thinks he's between 3 & 4 pounds, heart rate is 150 (VERY strong - that's my boy!) and he appears to be in perfect "position" - whew! I've heard stories on how docs adjust babies. YOWZA. I have my next appt on December 2nd and then after that will be heading to the doc weekly...internals will presume. CRAP, CRAP!

We have two more in here... Kimmie (Kim Davidson) and Karen who are about to "go" any day now. I watch them walk around with painted on smiles and God bless 'em I know they are hurting. It doesn't appear that the last 30 days is pleasant. Elizabeth (from my office) promised me yesterday that the last 30 days would fly. I really want to believe her but with all the back aches I've been having, the trouble getting up and having to pee approximately 10 times last night I'm not sure that I believe her. Still, I'm trying. Until I imagine my water breaking in Mark's office and then he will have to remodel the entire floor at Balfour Beatty. Ugh.

I'm having all sorts of random dreams theses days - breastfeeding, how will I teach my son to be financially responsible, what can we do to NOT raise a spoiled rotten child who thinks he is entitled to everything, how to ensure that he knows my family as well as Holt's, what will Christmas look like and how can we teach him to want to give more than receive... all sorts of stuff that I realize doesn't come until way later but my heart just pleads with God on how to give this child wisdom to be a good man that loves others and wants to leave the world a better place than he found it. I want him to be a better person than I am... better than Holt is.... weird I know considering he's not even done "cooking" yet. Ha! I guess this is part of being a mom.

I don't have any pictures so I know this makes this a LOOOONG read. I'll be ending this now. I hope you are all well and happy and of course hope you all look great in your skinny jeans. I am at work today hiding the fact that my jeans... my pre-pregnancy jeans... are on and are not zippered. It's amazing the fear you have that your shirt will fly up and people will see that your jeans are not zippered or buttoned. Can't afford maternity jeans so these will have to do. Funny what you can make due with when you don't have any credit cards!!

Have a great weekend............... Barbers are off to the lake! Come on 5 O'clock!!

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  1. Jules....your child will have all the wisdom and goodness that you and Holt have in your you have no worries there!! Love Ya! I can't wait for your little T to get here~its the most beautiful thing in the universe! Love Ya! Kristin, Scott, Darci and Jacob