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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well then...Obama it is

Well Tristan, someday I will print this blog and have it bound for you one of these days.... so it should include a historic event that happened late last night. Barack Obama was elected as our 44th President.
He's the first African American President (besides the one on 24- ha) and mommy and daddy are thrilled that history was made...but in all honesty are fearful for some of his beliefs. Grandma Margie is jumping for joy... the rest of the family, hmmmm, not sure.
BUT, mommy and daddy believe that God is ultimately the authority over all.. so we trust that no matter who is in charge on Earth, that they still pass through God's hands and His will shall come to pass.
You will be born in a time of great history, you will be born in a time of struggle because struggle is ahead for us all. We all have to live out the consequnces of our actions, mommy and daddy included. We will do our best to show you the good in the world and educate you on the bad because you will need to know how to handle both. We hope that you have a love for all people, a tolerance for people's differences and that you will learn how to love and give of yourself freely. We live in a crazy world that some think rests on the shoulders of our new President. We agree with that some... but YOUR truth starts here with us, at home... and we will do whatever we can to teach you to be a good and fair and responsible love Jesus with all of your heart and of course, to vote REPUBLICAN - ha!
We can't wait to meet you little one... we can't wait to see how YOU affect our world.
God bless America........ and thank you for all of our freedoms!!! Mommy & Daddy

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