Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber is here

Tristan Holt Barber

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics of Tristan's room

This is the sign Kathy and Kirk gave us... we love it.... and it's hang on his door for all to see.

Well these are just a few new pics that we have the rocker in there...

This one shows Val and Brandon's sign up...

and Holt hung the shelving so we can have our little camera in there and see Tristan from our room whenever we want!

We have almost everything we need. Short a few things that we are saving for but even if he came today, we'd be ready!!

Don't mind the clothes... I have a lot of washing and folding to do as the day gets closer.

Hope you enjoyed... we have had a blast getting ready!!

Love you all - Holt, Julie, Tristan, Aslan, Simba and a bunch of fish!!


  1. Oh my cuteness! The nursery looks great. And I LOVE that sign. So awesome!

  2. Thanks... when you have energy and have slept, you'll have to come see for yourself!