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Friday, November 21, 2008

105% now THAT is a great number!

Well, Holt just got the call... our 2nd mortgage has approved our short sale and we are waiting on our 1st mortgage to approve then it's a DONE deal. I asked Holt what our chances are of it going through and he said 105%!! The he quickly recanted and said 90%. I'm going to just go ahead and take the 1st one because I can't handle any more "You owe us money, your mortgage is behind, do you know we are about to ruin your credit" phone calls. SOOOOOOOOO, I'm patiently (yet not so) waiting for the final approval so our house in Chicago can happily be passed on to our next door neighbor who is buying it. I love that little had it's issues but Holt and I had a lot of fun there, lots of memories of Bible studies and cookouts and it's Aslan's first home... so lots of good stuff there. It was where Holt and I became a solid "WE".

So, I'm praying, I'm begging God to please let this house be sold and then hopefully in 2 years I can have some semblance of a credit score back. I figure that will be the point that our house will feel too small and we'll be ready to move again. For now, I bid Spaulding Avenue farewell and wait patiently on Citimortgage to make me one VERY thankful person.

And on a side note - my friend Kimmie (one of the 9 from work) had her baby boy about 3 hours ago! Sawyer Lesley Davidson came into the world at 10:10am - 8 lbs. 2 ounces! YIPPPEEEE Congrats to the Davidson family! I will miss you at work but will see you and the little one with my own little one in hand... SOON!! xoxo

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