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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shower pictures are here!

Steiner stealing smooches from As ... cuz I had to flirt with Seth!

My Queen B seat!

Hadley in all of her adorableness!

Look at all my fun balloons!!

Love this 2-in-1 from my step sister Alleyne!

Margie of course had to spoil me and get me a gift certificate. They say when you are pregnant you should NEVER neglect you nails!!

Gifts for Simba and Aslan... Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Lon bought presents for everyone!!

These are my gifts from Durby!

Party favors from Kimmie... they were awesome!!

Margie just couldn't stop... MORE GIFTS when we got back home. She had to surprise us!!

This baby book is from Kathy, Laura, Debby, Alyssa, Katelyn and Mimi!

Gifts from Connie~ who I might add will be the first "non family member" to babysit my child! I promised!!

These gifts came all the way from the north from my Aunt Lynne and Uncle Doug...I will post some hilarious photos they sent tonight... I forgot them today.

Awww, and all the cute Carters stuff from Lisa B and Audra - thanks guys!!!!

Jenny and Debbie (two of my Ya-Ya's) sent this sweet little package of goodies! I love it!

Here's all the great stuff that Tracey, Suzanne and Hilda gave us - WOW! We scored!!

This is from Ms. Wendy from work... I am totally stealing the lion... I LOVE HIM!
...and check out those dang shoes - CUTE!!!!

Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Lon gave us that awesome clay stuff to keep T's prints!

Deb showing off the sign my Auntie T bought for over the crib!

And Simba sniffs out the gifts from Corey! I think he smells a CAT - MEOW!

Debbie sent over the cutest blanket - I may start sleeping with this too!
Then Katelyn gave us... drum roll please... a BAYLOR shirt for the by! Syc'Em Bears!

Note from my niece Hadley....

and gifts from Hadley to her

These are from Holden....

My sweet Holtie and My in-laws bought a webcam for us.... and a webcam for my family back in NY!! How thoughtful is that!?

And sweet Eff.... I think we'll have him dedicated in this sweet outfit... ADORABLE!

Kimmie... not my Kimmie... but Kimmie Davidson from work... bought us all these great MUST HAVE's!

Kathy and Kirk also sent this sign that says "For this I have prayed" and we put it on T's's adorable! And of course... he's got some kickin' clothes too!

My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Johnny sent this great note for Tristan's baby book...

and of course... a whole bunch of fun stuff too! Look at the cute clothes! Aslan apparently needed to sniff too!

Just me, opening stuff...

and the girls from work Durby (bookend #1) Corey, and Wendy (bookend #2) God bless 'em - they have to put up with me all day!

more opening...

I look concerned... but I really am thankful for the diaper Genie my mom bought us!! Maybe I just heard how bad diapers can stink!!

Oh the looks I have on my face...

this one is better~

I'm shocked... by what, I'll never know....

this little firefly is for the car seat... Franci and Bob gave us that and a GC to Babies R Us! Yipppeee

Tracy, Hilda and Suzanne bought us a ton of monogrammed onesie's and burp cloths for Tristan, they are ADORABLE... as you have seen in the other photo!!

Look at the feet on these!!!

Suzanne and Mason....very shy and very adorable!

Hilda and Franci take turns stealing Ellie!

This is Eff... from my office... she is FABULOUS and my "fancy friend"

Guests arrive... Hi Pat, Hi Hilda.. Hi Blake, Hi Connie!

This is Seth... after we took his Paci... NOT a happy guy!

These are books from my nephew Lane!

Girls from the office again.. Durby, Corey "MEOW" and Wendy! Oh ...chattin' with Ash (from Chicago!)

Seth is happy again, we gave him back his paci!

Margie showing my Mommy's Time Out wine from Durby!

EE brought us this diaper dude... it's a little guy made out of a receiving blanket, diapers, binkee... all sorts of fun stuff! Of course... she had other goodies in the bag too!

Here's Alyssa and Seth... man, he LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Alyssa! Especially when they had high pitch sound contests!!

Sorry to barrage you with photos but my family in NY really wanted to see all my goodies. Don't shoot the messenger! HA!
Thank you everyone for everything.. what a blessing my shower was. We only have a few things on the list to get and I have gift cards to go get them with. Once I have the nursery finalized this weekend, I'll send photos. YIPPPEEEEE! We love you all! Julie, Holt & Baby T

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