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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

News and.... STUFF!

Hey...where's our brother? We're waiting...and waiting...and waiting!!!

Below is Tristan's new changing table complements of Robert and Sharon Van Cleave (my boss) and we love it!! My mom bought us the little green baskets to go on there that will be filled with diapers and stuff (I assume)! Deb, Seth and Margie are coming from Chicago next weekend so they will give "mom advice" on how to set up the whole system. The fist shelf will store the wipey warmer and rest of the fun gear!

This is Tristan's new night light!! It's so darn cut and came all the way from LA!! Arlene and Mark Pickerill (two of my FAVORITE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET) sent Tristan this, the little light switch below and the green hamper which for some reason Simba is VERY attracted to.

Wait til' it has some dirty clothes in there.... YUM!

Here's a picture hopefully offering a little more perspective on the size of the crib and table. Holt doesn't love cherry but it matched the dresser that we had in there so I think he'll warm up to it. Actually, I doubt he cares either way! Mr. Laid Back!!

Aslan...patiently waiting.... (probably for food, not Tristan)

And the picture below is Uncle James and little cousin Davis. I had to include because he is offering some wisdom for our little guy.....

As you can see from the photo below, this takes skill and sheer determination. Now Tristan, getting through the dog door is not only's a challenge. It's like a baby obstacle course...

First, you stick the upper part of you.... ya know, your shirt....OUT.....kind of like the hokey pokey...

then VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY carefully, you go out one leg at a time.

You will need this skill when you are grounded and need to make the great escape without any security alarms going off.

What are cousins for right???

too cute not to share...

we told Simba that there's a new little guy in the house... almost...

Aslan is aware and already accepted one new pain in the butt brother, what's one more? Plus, this one will drop a lot of food... and he knows it.

So Daddy reassured Simba that being the middle child was ok.... that he would be loved and taken care of....

Yeah...well, he isn't thrilled but hey, that's a dog's life. He'll recover.

Poooooooooooooor Simba.

Man, I love my boys!

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