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Tristan Holt Barber is here

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oops...some didn't make it!

Mark Crouser (from my office) spoiled us rotten and bought us the potty seat and a TON of toys! YIPPPEE!

Bev, also from my office... bought us the changing table pad and another awesome cover!

Then Audra and Lisa B sent us this Wee Block... I almost peed in my pants when I saw this... I LOVE IT and am so giving this as a gift from here on out!!

This is our fancy spread that Margie baked and baked and baked.. .and Ruth Ann chopped and arranged... and of course Kimmie and Ruth Ann FABULOUSLY decorated.
Kimmie used all of her wooden block toys and toy trains and a million little stuffed animals. It was ADORABLE!!
Oh and here's Seth... just kickin' it!

And then feeling veeeery sleeeeepy!!

More decorations by Kimmie! She even filled little baby food jars with tiny flowers and water and marbles! I don't know why she doesn't do this on the side. She has one heck of a talent!

We had to go pick up the balloons too and had so many in the car that Deb almost had to ride on top... and we almost lost Seth in the madness - ha!

My Aunt Jeanne sent me this Christmas decoration... I LOVE SNOWMEN... so of course.. this "Mommy to be" was PERFECT!

Here's me with a onesie from Jenny and Debbie... had to show this one off!!

And finally, a few more gifts from my mom. My parents can't seem to contain themselves... they keep buying us gifts!
Ok, sorry to post again... but I can't leave any out... I just can't! Now hopefully I remembered who gave me what... sorry if I boo - boo'd! I'm pooped now..... gotta go!

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